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adidas Performance Men's Mundial Goal Soccer Cleat Black / White / White 6.5 D(M) US Features

The lowest adidas Performance Men's Mundial Goal Soccer Cleat Black / White / White 6.5 D(M) US Price in India is ₹19,911 at Amazon.
Buy adidas Performance Men's Mundial Goal Soccer Cleat Black / White / White 6.5 D(M) US online at Amazon.
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adidas Performance Men's Mundial Goal Soccer Cleat Black / White / White 6.5 D(M) US Reviews from YouTube

Adidas Mundial Goal Indoor Black/White - UNBOXING
Best Soccer Shoe under $100? adidas Copa Mundial Review by freekickerz
Why Don't Pros Wear the Adidas Copa Mundial?
Adidas Copa Mundial Unboxing (yeah, right) and Review
Anyone knows if they run half size big ?
I had this but in turf, they had some high heel feeling that I didn't like, this one is the same?
Hi, should I buy it for one size lower to feel it more tighter?
Thanks Judas!
Is the sizing like the copas?
Hello, kiser 5 goal is true size? Thanks
Stop slapping the shoe with your finger.
Hello, Im from the future (2019). We have lacless copas here and predators look like socks now!
Cant u wear them for casual bcus these look fire
I had a pair of these. Samba is a better sneaker.
Hey Josh, I wear a US 8.5 in Mundial Goals, do you happen to know anything about the sizing on the Puma King Allround Indoors? Would love snag a pair before theyre gone.
Can I use this for outdoor fusal?!?!?
Has anyone tried skateboarding in these?
Which is more protective,padded, and soft Mundial Goal or Copa 17.1 indoor?
Do these run full size down like the regularfg copa mundial?
What's the difference between the Mundial Goal and the Samba Classic?
Hey I am an amateur player (mostly concrete - outdoor court) . I play alot so durability is an issue for me.I am currently wearing Kaiser's. I live in a country in which stores only import limited variety of models so I was considering ordering online but I fear sized won't be perfect. 9.5 UK Kaisers fit me perfectly, with a thick sock. In the newer (Ace, X) models, I need 10 UK (even with thin sock). In terms of size, is the Samba and Mundial Goal the same as the Kaiser? I find the Kaiser a bit heavy, but on the other side I don't like overly thin and soft uppers. There was an old model which I don't know the name of that was perfect, it resembled an 11questra. From my description, Can you recommend the Samba, Mundial Goal or something I am not aware of? I am not anti-modern, just need something durable and not too soft / thin / low.
Hey, I've been a long time wearer of samba classics as everyday casual shoes with the added benefit of impromptu footy, but I've been wondering about the mundial goals- I know everyone talks of their comfort, but how do they hold up as far as durability? My biggest concern is the much thinner outsole- I can get a solid 1.5 maybe 2 years out of a pair of sambas, but how do the mundial goals hold up?
addressing the "made in" category. I'd like to know where its made? Made in Germany Made in Indonesia. Is there a difference? Thanks and nice unboxing video keep it up. Clean and to the point.
Hi Josh, could you reconfirm whether these run true to size or run small/large? Im getting a couple of different answers from your review page. Cheers
Super schuh
If the weight of these shoes is too much, youre too slow. This was/ is my shoe. Out of the box theyre clunky. But after two or three hours and playing in some damp conditions, they form better than a synthetic ever can. These boots mold to the foot.They are timeless.They are unimprovable.They work.
hi guys i have a flat foot and my feet kinda wide should i get my size or still should i go one size down ?
is there soft ground?
Tie your laces behind the first two studs at the back.
No los sabe utilizar, la lengeta no se usa as, no conoce la esencia del Copa Mundo.
This used to be a great shoe. I picked up a pair today, jogged 15 mins, and cracked the sole plastic right through.This shoe is trash now (in terms of durability).
These are actually the best boots in the world, always were and always will be. Fits your feet like a glove, exoskeleton type stuff.
Is der dieses Jahr auch noch gut?
Bro these boots are great for kicking, passing, and controlling and theyre very comfortable the only down thing is the weight but thats not a big deal because its all in your head. But if you want a quality and more consistent playing style. These are your best choices.
der Torhter ist nur am flexen
Der Schuhe ist mlll
I have these shoes
The good ole days. god...!!! that boots..
Should i go true to size or half a size smaller?
Copa has 100% Kangaroo leather with very good durability but price is only $150 , New models cost over $300 made with crappy material with bad durability.. !! What the f*ck Brands these days should focus more on the quality rather then making boots lighter.
Best cleat I ever wore , but they're over 100$
My feet are very wide, so these feel super good.
Copa Mundial soccer boots for the referrees and the staff coaches.
What is the difference between the Kaiser, Copa Mundial and the World Cup? The prices differ a lot. So what is the deal?
Litmanen wore them
Coppa Mundial, World Cup and Puma King, best football boots ever. Period
I have been wearing copa's for years and years, I have tried wearing more modern boots a few times but always go back to the reliable copa's!
Top brands dont need lot of marketing, I havent seen a lambo or Ferrari ads, tv commercials or any marketing.
Does anyone know where I can get them in cali since there kangaroo leather they dotn ship or sell to cali so I dont know where I can get me a pair
Who ever played football (in lower leagues) he knows what is Copa...
I pulled out my high school copas from 96 3 years ago when my kids started playing. The leather was good. Several cleats snapped off in an hour of play from dry rot. Also cracking on the plastic bottom sole.Went and bought another pair for coaching/playing with my kids. I hope to find an old guy team soon.
Spread the gospel
Make a primeknit
Doesnt kasper Schmeichel wear his old leather boots?
I just Got a copa I have always had leather boots tried a Nike vapor fly and my feet did not like it. Leather boots is like they are on your feet But it dosent fell like that
I've tried alot of football boots. I used to be Copa all the way until my mid twenties and I thought I'd try some new stuff. I can honestly say that the Copa is the best boot out of the lot, even better than the original Mania boots, well, perhaps not looks wise because they were ridiculous but still, the Copa oozes class and is so so comfortable.
My copas give me so many blisters its insane
Best boots ever, had a pair for years until they fell apart, Bought a pair of Adidas Ghosted x2 last week and have already sent them back.
Flap down always
Best boots in the world to this day!!! Comfort, and fit is perfect. I hate these new boots with these long studs and awkward shape all around they don't fit your feet like copas do .
Because it cannot be advertised by a player as the boots reputation already speaks for itself.
Just grabbed a pair in 2021 first game in them tomorrow
Berape kasut tu hargedia
My feet are ridiculously wide and quite long too.In regular shoes, boots, trainers Im a size 12 UK and more often than not my feet are too wide for them.In football boots I wore a 12.5uk in adizero f50 and predators.Ive just ordered Copas in 11.5 and 12.Out the box if they were synthetic material Id be retuning the 11.5 and keeping the 12 due to how tight they are in the toe box but due to all the reviews about how much they loosen up and stretch Ive kept the 11.5So fingers crossed they loosen up a bit.
How much do these boots weigh?
I finally bought myself a pair of the Copa Mundials. Growing up in a country where every knockoff boot looked like this and tore up in a month, I was gun shy to spend over 100 bucks on these bad boys. Finally found a good pair and made in Germany, not the Indonesian kind. Not sure if there's a difference, but why not go with the OG.
I've always admired the copa mundial, I'm a fan of modern tech but I am a sucker for leather boots as they're the most comfortable. Looking to buy a pair, what are your recommendations for sizing?
Botas de Ftbol Adidas y Puma; Alemania; Las Mejores
Perfect soccer cleats I love them
Can i use the copa Mundal on ag pitches are there any problems if i do that ? right choice..for the fit.
So if I got a size 10, but I wear a size 11.5 shoe, did i go too small? On my right cleat the sole is separating from the shoe after a summer's use. I played on turf pretty much every day. The left cleat seems perfectly fine but that isn't my dominant foot. I expected these to last a while but it seems I've banged them up a bit.
could some please send me a link to white copas mundial.I been looking online with no luck...
I got these for 62!
Do they fit well with wide feet?
I just bought my 7th pair since 1989
Would you say they're good for playing on turf? I plan on getting them but i don't want to ruin them on the turf field
I payed $171,19.
I payed $120 did i over pay
If you're a size 8 in normal cleats, what size would I be on these? Please reply
hands down the best boot out there, always will be

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