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Buy Adidas Men's NMD_R1 Original Shoe, Blue, 8 online at Amazon. These re basically originals shoes

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  • These re basically originals shoes

The lowest Adidas Men's NMD_R1 Original Shoe, Blue, 8 Price in India is ₹6,074 at Amazon.
Buy Adidas Men's NMD_R1 Original Shoe, Blue, 8 online at Amazon.
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Adidas Men's NMD_R1 Original Shoe, Blue, 8 Reviews from YouTube

Adidas NMD R1 Black Gum Men's Review
Adidas NMD_R1 Spectoo Originals ☆unboxing☆ Review & On Feet
NMD R1 V1 vs NMD R1 V2 comparison - On feet + Unboxing + Review - Mr Stoltz 2020
Sup friend. I know it has been a long time, but I was wondering if you could tell me what brand or style of pants you were using in this video. Thanks!!!
I bought one og pair two weeks ago and they're pretty comfy in terms of fitting, feels like a sock of some sorts. But two things ruined it for me. The back keeps nabbing my achilles and hurts really fast like in 5 mins walking. I get that with Vans slip-ons too. The other thing might be more personal but it feels really weird walking on it. The boost is too high and it just doesn't feel natural. It's a shame cuz I liked the aesthetics and fit, but I can't walk on it lol.
Probably great modern shoes. Not so good for kicking “footballs” etc.. Not so good in the rain “socks get wet quick” So comfy, feels like wearing slides.
Hey bro, do you know how much taller they make you?
True to size for sure
Great vid-like your feedback and presentation-keep it up , you got a new subscriber
I love love love mine. I bought a size 5 in kids😉 it pays to have small feet😁
that clip made me lmaooooo
i pulled the lace too hard and it ripped the hole that holds the lace 😭
My size is 10.5-11 with a moderately wide width. I got a 10 hope they fit
Is this not a womens shoe though?
Definitely dont wear this shoe when it's raining or in any muddy/wet environments cuz it will ruin the material n sole lol, you're better off wearing adidas superstars or any leather shoe
Only shoes u cant wear straight leg Jean's with
Good review please keep up with more shoes you got that spice 👑
these shoes are cheap garbage
i have really thin feet so this is kind of a bummer to hear, although nothing like 5 pairs of socks can't fix
Unexpectedly high quality for such a small working youtube channel, you just earned yourself one more subscriber. Keep it up!
Hi, great review! I am size 8 in my AF1s, do they have the same sizing?
I have a pair I train in. Keeping the mid sole whit is a challenge. I contemplated spraying it black lol
You look a bit like the actor Brandon Bell. Thanks for keeping this short and sweet. I'm going to give these a try.
I actually used to wear these, but I had to replace it TWICE before getting a normal pair of NMDs because the laces go through loops different to the ones found on normal NMDs, and these lace-loops were basically made of another lace, and was very loose. This combined with the fact that the laces come out easily because of their shape different to that of normal NMD and the fact that at school many people step on untied laces, meant that it would break easily
Hola, no soporto el dolor que me dejan al usarlos, me lastima la parte superior de los cordones.... Hay una forma de corregirlo??
the design is great but while your wearing it, you just like stepping on a card board. a wrinkle stays on the toe box area. i hope primeknit would be a great substitute. it doesnt meet the nmd standard in terms of comfort.
Should I go true to size if I have a little bit of a wide foot. My only concern about buying these is if they would be to much of a struggle to even get on or is that material at the top super stretchy and it doesnt matter??? please help
Jak szeroką masz nogę nad kostką?
Naprawde wygodne te buciwo. Polecam
I just got these today they are quite bigger than my actual shoe size
V1 or V2, what's your pick?
y u no review the shoe on feet? How it feels and such.
The v2 looks better imo, its just so overbranded. Turnoff
I hope they re-release the original model. It's the one I wanted
This video convinced me to get that black n white Nmd r1 v2
V2 ! Love it
v2 is like you wearing a black sock on white sandals
Just picked up the v2 in all white today
On the V2 Is it me but does the upper just feel really cheap and is really stiff.
Soo I have flat feet and km tired of wearing jus vans so I bought a pair of v2 and they are niiice they are white with the bottom being baby blueish cosmic color shiny kinda they are nice 154 dollers
oh oh oh oh
Hi, does this model fit wider than (for example) the Continental 80?
I got the r1 V2 Munich. The global City series United by sneakers is an amazing line of shoes man plus you can wear these loose as can be and your heel won't slip out. I'm a huge fan of the NMD stamp on the front and the knit pattern on the toe box is much nicer than the V1 in my opinion. The only thing I don't like and I finally figured out how to lace them up is that the license that come with these v2s are like 20 ft long man
Is the bottom part of the V2 kind of off white? It's not fully white huh? 👀
IDK.. Adidas are making some lightweight.. cheap looking shoes
I bought the v2 cuz I thought they looked cool. The back panel really hurt the inside of my foot. I had to return them right away.
Size 45? Grrrr must be huge
u realize ur nmd v1s are pk, pk (primeknit) are the sock-like ones which is the one u have
Zur normal R1 doesn't have thus streachy sock Thing. ITS a Special version
Someone help i got a wide feet. I usually buy size 11 like on air force 1. I tried my brother nmd v2, it was size 10 and they fit perfectly fine on my wide feet. Im planning on getting the nmd r1 original. They say its a bit more narrower but can still fit wide feet, im thinking should i get size 10.5 just in case?
Para todos os BRs que comprarem eu dou meu relato comprei no final de 2021 por 650reais e meus amigos que tenis incrivel alem de bonito ele é mt leve eu nunca tinha visto uma coisa tao comfortavel e leve ao msm tempo parece q tu sai voando quando esta correndo podem ir sem medo. Sobre o tamanho eu peguei o tamanho real msm nada de um numero maior ou menor va para o seu numero real que vai dar certo.
Anyone buying these in 2021?
Got mine. 2021 June !
Guys, can you tell my should i get a size up,size down or its true to size
The insole isn't the most comfortable
brasil alguem ?
4:39 i like how the shoe says die on the back
So ive been thinking about getting an nmd og for quite a while but i don't know which one to get Should I get OG R1s or OG XR1s?
My solution? Ioffer, $19 for a pretty good pair of fakes (if you can wait 6 months) 😂
U should do an nmd giveaway
I want the musuc of the intro of seth fowler please
Hey Anyone can confirm the legitimacy of these I couldnt find any info on that colorway anywhere
I have a review on my channel also.
Why cant i find these shoes anywhere i tried kith and nothing showed up just the xr1
Just copped never been so happy for shoes
True to size?
I just went to a store and saw one last one sitting on the shelves half price 👌🏻😂
I have a 9.5 and looking to swap for a 9
if you add a midsole your shoe will fit tighter
Just got a pair of these on retail for $200, love my country, people just dont give a fuck about NMDs :D

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