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ADCOM 221 ( 32 GB Storage, 32 GB RAM ) Online at Best Price On ...

Description. Adcom Aqua 221 Mobile Dual Sim Dual Standby Gsm850/900/1800/1900 Mhz 2.4" Large Screen Bluetooth & Wireless Fm Radio/Mp3/Mp4 Auto Call Recording ...


Adcom 221 Big Battery Dual Sim Mobile Phone (2.4 inch Display ...

Model Name, Adcom Aqua 221. Network Service Provider, Consumer Cellular. Brand, Adcom. Form factor, Palm-held. Memory Storage Capacity, 32 MB ...


Adcom Aqua 221 Features

  • 6.1 cms (2.4 Inch) display and Dual SIM (GSM + GSM) facility, with polycarbonate finishing.
  • Wireless FM Radio, Digital Camera, Bluetooth, Music/Video Player, and 3.5mm Audio Jack.
  • Real Vibrator, Phonebook, and SMS.
  • 3000mah Lithium-ion Battery. Expandable Memory up to 8 GB.
  • Languages Supported: Hindi/English. Made in India. 1 Year Warranty.
Adcom Aqua 221 Adcom Aqua 221 Colours:
  • Black

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Adcom Aqua 221 Specifications

Removable Battery Yes
Type 3000 mAh
Battery & Power Features
Battery Capacity 3000 mAh
Battery Type Li-ion
Rear Camera 1.3 MP
Camera Features
Primary Camera 1.3MP
Connectivity Features
Network Type 2G
Supported Networks GSM, GSM
Weight 125 g
Resolution 240 x 320 Pixels
Size 2.4 inch
Type TFT
Display Features
Display Size 2.4 inch
Display Type TFT
Resolution 240 x 320
Resolution Type QVGA
Browse Type Feature Phones
Color Black and Red
In The Box 1 Handset, 1 Charger, 1 Headset, 1 Battery, Manual
Model Name 221
Model Number 221
Sim Type Dual Sim
General Features
Brand Adcom
Handset Color Black and Red
Keypad Yes, Alphanumeric
Model ID 221
Model Name Aqua 221
SIM Size Normal
SIM Type Dual Sim, (Dual Standby)
Internet & Connectivity
Network Type 2G
Memory & Storage Features
Internal Storage 32 MB
Memory And Storage
Internal 32 MB
Memory 32 MB RAM
Other Details
Keypad Yes
Keypad Type Alphanumeric
Mobile Tracker Yes
Removable Battery Yes
Series Aqua 221
SIM Access Dual Standby
SIM Size Normal
Supported Languages english + Hindi
Voice Input Yes
Other Features
Additional Features Voice Input
Supported Languages english + Hindi
OS Propreitory

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Adcom Aqua 221 Reviews from YouTube

Adcom and NAD Are the Old Schiit!
Adcom A1 Selfie Review – Feature Phone with Voice Changer | Technary
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Adcom GFA 585 Part 1 - First Look
My system is a GFA-535 ( also have 555II) GTP-400 tuner preamp, with Spica SC-30 speakers. Rotel RCD-965 CD player and I have an AR "The Turntable" . I've done many a smackdown of CD vs LP and my conclusion is at this level both sound great, I can't tell you which is better (given that the record was in spanky condition). Far more important was the recording itself and the room and speaker placement. My buddy had a system with GFA555, Vandersteen 2C and an Oracle Delphi MK2 and a lot of tweeking. It sounded incredible.
Great video. I liked the understated look of the NAD products in the 80s, sadly at the time I couldn't afford one. I was wondering why you had a tape dispenser next to your NAD. Was it an Easter egg or a subtle reminder that you use tape players?
Nice to see you have the Proacs set up correctly (tweeter on the inside). I really enjoy your videos. I'm a bit of an audiophile on a budget, myself, so i appreciate where you're coming from with these videos you make. Cheers!
Very the 1980s NAD was the brand I aspired to own (and Rotel too) but they were still out of my price range. My first upgrade from a Denon receiver around 1990 was an Adcom GFA-545 II and GTP-400 tuner-preamp because they were what I could afford. No regrets—I still have them! I also have a complete top of the line NAD system now (from 1989). Both the NAD and Adcom have good phono stages, but are now being fed by a Schiit Mani and Modi 3.
Nice review! Happy New Year!
great vid! thank you
Glad that I found you. I've been having issues matching a class D amp in my system using a Moon Audio P3 preamplifier. The listening fatigue I was experiencing was disturbing. After watching your video, I remember about my garaged GTP-500 I ignored for years. So decided to match it up with the Class D amp and I was amazed how sweet of a combination these two made. I was also impressed with the headphone amp on the GTP-500. No more listening fatigue to report. THANKS!
Hell yeah ! Thanks for the video keep them coming !
I worked at a retailer that sold both Adcom and NAD back in the 80s.
Quality of internal NAD components? They are known to be largely DOA today with replacement components unavailable.
I've got an Adcom GFP-565 preamp that does the job well for me in my bedroom system. It ticks all the boxes - tone controls I can bypass, headphones sound fine and no complaints about the phono stage. I did have a Saga without the tube but it didn't grab me so I sold it. My other Schiit gear - a Modi DAC, Mani phono pre and Heresy headphone amp, are all quality and were inexpensive - a great combo. Excellent video. Cheers, Tom
I recall preferring B&K to Adcom back in the day.
Nice video! I was pleased to see a 10,000 Maniacs record in the stack. In My Tribe is one of my favorite albums.
Enjoyed the review, and I had the same conclusion when I compared the Saga to an active preamp. I suspect the differences that made you prefer the Adcom pre is because it's also active compared to the passive Saga +? The pre that sounded better to me over my Saga was the Freya+. Schiit does make excellent gear.
Nice 36:14
Voice Changer Mobile Lene Ke Liye Sampark Kare .
Sar ji yah phone mere ko chahie apna phone number de do yah mobile aapka pass Hoga Tumko de dijiye sar
Sir mujhe telefono A1jambo mobile chahiye .keise lu kuch kijiye
Did this also happen with the 6000 model?
char .
My GFA 555 II that I bought new in the early 90’s still going strong, may take a peek inside now.
Ran across this. Don't see Adcom talked about very much anymore. I recently pulled out all of my old Adcom equipment that's been put up since the early 2000's, bought back in the early 90's. Still impressed. GFA 5500 GTP-450
I don't think ADCOM was EVER considered High End. It kind of reminds me of NAD, they made a good product for the money but High End NO!
I just wondered onto your channel Thxs a bunch I have a 585 I will investigate.
This video makes me think $300 Adcom amps on ebay are way overpriced.
Same with 535II and 545II?
Hi SIR Good day my preamp is down i need to buy the broad can pass me the contact of the company my system is GFP-555-II , Can get me back
Fried a pair of Dev Tech BP-20's because of these amps.
I have two of these that I need repaired/reconditioned.
A little insight about using *WWW* is no longer needed, since DNS Server's will know that!
My original American Made 555 still working fine after 33 year's
All you commentators have zero clue wtf you’re talking about. The gfa 555 was designed by no less than Nelson Pass for Adcom. For whomever doesn’t get who he is? Perhaps look up Pass labs and Threshold. The gfa555 was not considered high end, it was a design that changed the amplification world as they know it. It was made with a small budget in mind. He exceeded that from an engineering point of of view (he is known for shortest path simplicity build amps) 200watt 8 ohm, 600w full bridged mono and it was a design meant to be minimalistic no dc protection circuit that could taint the sound. Only in severe catastrophic amp failure it would be possible to get dc on the output stages frying speakers. Very and I do mean very little confirmed stories about that Anything after the gfa 555 had nothing to do with Nelson Pass (the 555 is still after 40 years the most desired one due to that fact Nelson designed it) the mk2 was still based on his design but used triple darlingtons what not. Do not confuse the other models for the original gfa555 albeit based on his design. They would still sonically destroy plenty of amps in much higher price brackets. Also the capacitors issue was after the 80ts. These amps when you get them, go for the 555 if you’re serious about it all totally different than this 585
Outstanding presentation, Tony! Thanks so much.
I have this amp running B&W 801's. Speakers are working good. I do hear a buzz when I power on the amp. Is this wrong? Should I open it up and have a look
Were the bad caps IC?
Yeah I appreciate the video but unless someone has a lot of time on their hands this isn't worth the effort. It's a shame Adcom used the cheapest crappy caps they could find in these amplifiers.
I don't want to knock Adcom , but I suspect they were using second or third choice components. Not good.
Back in the day our company was building a lot of HV power supplies (1 to 4kv at 10MA) for medical uses. We used to use a shitload of 10UF 450v caps in series on these amps and all of a sudden the caps started to fail in droves. Back then we used to use trichlorethalene to clean the flux off PWB's after going through the wave solder process, it did a beautiful job of cleaning the boards. At one point the industry started to use a new sealing plug in the vent of electrolytic caps and these new vent plugs could not stand trico. A couple of months down the road the caps would fail. Any cap that had been cleaned the old way was GOING TO FAIL. The solution was to use alcohol to clean the boards not trico. Alcohol does not nearly as good a job cleaning the boards but it also does not damage the caps.

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