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Action Octagon Style Cue Chalker Features

  • Octagon style chalk holder with stick
  • Black plastic stick with white string
  • Silver colored eight ball attached to a plastic octagon chalk holder
  • Cue Chalk

The lowest Action Octagon Style Cue Chalker Price in India is ₹1,730 at Amazon.
Buy Action Octagon Style Cue Chalker online at Amazon.
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Action Octagon Style Cue Chalker Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Action
feature Octagon style chalk holder with stickBlack plastic stick with white string
Manufacturer Action
Number-of-Pieces 1
Weight 90 Grams

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Action Octagon Style Cue Chalker Reviews from YouTube

Best Chalk Holder
Best Billiard Cue Chalk | Top 10 Best Billiard Cue Chalk
Best pool cue chalk
Top 5 Best Pool Cues Review In 2021 | Are They Worth Buying?
Thanks Eddie. I ordered the Quickdraw after seeing this video and it came a couple of days ago. Great chalk holder. For me I find clipping it to my jeans pocket is perfect. I did try the belt but my shirt was getting in the way. Again thank you.
“I’m Rick Harrison, and this is my pawn shop. I work here with my old man and my son, Big Hoss. Everything in here has a story and a price. One thing I’ve learned after 21 years – you never know WHAT is gonna come through that door.”
You are using a blue box to shoot the video and demonstrate a blue item?
Best Billiard Cue Chalk | Top 10 Best Billiard Cue Chalk For More Information >> Read info In Description Above
You dont know how good these chalks are and predator chalk should be 1st not master should be last
Honestly, since you don't see kamui, and I guess panxiaoting(?), it's sorta bs
If you want good chalk for little money pick Masters. If you want a much better chalk with less miss cues but costs more. Try Blue Diamond, Magic Chalk, Taom, or the 1080. If you want to waste money buy Kamui.Kamui is great chalk but expensive. If you have a pre shot routine of chalking before every shot and never forget Master chalk is all you will ever need. If you forget to chalk every now and then. Choose the other listed. If you want to feel superior to the common pool hall rats. Buy Kamui.
Taom chalk
Whats with the music
No kamui in the list ?
just put TAOM chalk to the top. No substitute. ;-)
East point belongs nowhere on a top ten list
I'm going to try the Kamui chalk!
I would never have thought to do the "finger test" but that was actually a good demonstration. Thanks for taking the time to put this together!
I can kick some ass with just plain ol’ Masters! 🤪😊👍🏼🤷🏻‍♂️✌🏼💪🏼👊🏼
You can use predator chalk in a square holder. It fits perfectly.
The key word is you HAD some kamui chalk. And now it is all gone
Why not to make a some soft rubber tip with no chalk?
dont some pros still use Master Chalk?
What about blue diamond
Magic Chalk is the best when comparing price to performance.
Triangle Color Green. Effective and Cheap.
Is triangle a good chalk? I use triangle because it is cheap and very good quality for the price. It grips the CB very well.
out of focus lol....
master chalk
35 to 50 dollars!? Where in the hell did you get that price?? Amazon is 29$ Ozone, Billiards warehouse & pooldawg are 27$-28$ The BCA National Championship was selling for 30$ at the Rio in July.
Stay away from the color green when using a green screen lol
I like Blue Diamond. What are your thoughts?
I use Balabushka — it's a no-brainer upgrade from Master. I've tried the Kamui, and didn't really like it. A friend of mine did the same experiment and preferred the Balabushka to the Kamui as well. Kamui is pretty "sticky" so it can make the felt a lot harder to keep clean. These are just my impressions of course.
I once had an old man run the table on me with a mop handle.
This is the most ridiculous list I've ever seen.. These cues are not even close to being the best.. Should have named video "top five cues for people who know nothing about billiards"
I wouldn't start a fire in the back yard using a players pool cue...well maybe....
This is clickbait nonsense.
are this cues found in SA?
How to order of spider maple pool cue..?
Cuetec , doesn't warp easily.
The best all time cue is the 15$ cue use by Efren Reyes
I turned off the video immediately after he said Pool 'STICK'.
Ummmmm 😒 do better
Price bataoo
Pano poba mkakabili ng tako.
Come on guys. If you want to give advice make it complete... price is missing in the video and are some shafts low deflection or not? Feels like that there are only brands here that payed to be here or something...
i came here for the ice cue from 8 ball pool
These cues are junk! BUT I will say this... Find a cue that works for YOU! What might work for Joe Schmoe might not work for you. But these cues would work great to sit around a campfire and eat marshmallows.
It should be "Top 5 beginner budget cues " The only one they got right was players. Ther others feel cheaply made and don't play very well, but they'll do fine for the casual player who doesn't want to spend hundreds on a cue.
Those cues would be great for moving wood logs around in a camp fire
how to order

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