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Buy Action Black Marble Pool Balls online at Amazon. Action Black Marble Pool Balls Action Black Marble Pool Balls Colours: Black
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Action Black Marble Pool Balls Features

  • Product Type: Billiard Balls
  • Action Pack
  • This product is imported from USA - It is 100% genuine product
Action Black Marble Pool Balls Action Black Marble Pool Balls Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Action Black Marble Pool Balls Price in India is ₹11,626 at Amazon.
Buy Action Black Marble Pool Balls online at Amazon.
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Action Black Marble Pool Balls Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Action
Weight 3.2 Kilograms

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Action Black Marble Pool Balls Reviews from YouTube

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Mosconi Cup Pool Balls // Aramith "Black Edition" Pool Balls Unboxing
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10 Best Pool Ball Sets 2020
That’s an awesome set
I like the nfl balls, should I buy those and do people actually play with exotic pool table balls?
This is my favorite set of pool balls. That was an amazing gift. My Birthday just passed if anyone would like to buy me a set. Just the striped balls will be fine.
gosh they're amazing! The 9ball is insanely beautiful!
I'm curious what these look like on black felt
I'm undecided which one to buy
Do You like them more than normal ones?
Made for TV? My first impression was “cool,” but held my opinion until I could see the balls on TV. Having watched several matches of the 2020 Mosconi Cup, the “cool” factor is waning for me. To be fair, it is new, only 9-ball and on Simonis tournament blue clothe. Aramith makes great balls and Simonis makes great clothe, but are the colors compatible for TV? Does anyone know of a compatible combination of clothe and ball colors which may improve viewing pocket billiards both in person and video? Having watched pool both in person and on video (TV, and now on computer/phone/tablet) for decades, I’m of the opinion that our sport will benefit most if compatible colors are found for video viewing. Any thoughts/opinions?
"Guy cleaning his balls"@ 0:45. Can't believe no one in the comments noticed or said anything yet. Awesome :)
I have always loved the orange 5😊 always been my favourite pool ball, but there is no orange in this beautiful set😊
Cool Love the colors are really vibrant.
I am so happy to you, The Billiard Corner!
At first I thought these were ugly and ridiculous, but after some second looks I have to admit they’re pretty cool. Going to get a set. 👍🏻
I don't know what it is, but I don't like the black on the striped balls. Guess I'm just too traditional.
Love the quips
2” or 2” 1/4?
0:44 “a guy cleanin his balls” 😂😂😂
the audio is not loud but great content
I like your video keep up the good works, by the way I watch all your video, but you never intoduce your name
Wow so nice... 😍
New video featuring trick shots:
Look how gently he has to play lol
Anything can be done on this table
i cant see glass holding up to jump shots or masse shots as well as slate
what about the jump shot?
Ouch the reflections, but it does look really cool.
The sweetest pool table
Yea, it would be cool, but for a price tag of probably way too much just sounds like way too much lol
Were the subtitles really necessary though?
The reflection would put me off playing. imagine a pool table light above that. not practical to play on but looks smart. I will stick to the cloth thanks.
So you have the coefficient of friction of cloth but does the material give the same way? I assume the harder surface give's the balls more momentum.
Can I have one? I bet not! Only for the rich.
One thing I always said I'd do if I was rich would be to design a transparent pool table. This will save me the job, however I'd be customising it so that once the balls drop into the pockets they'd run along rollercoasters all around the underside of the glass, instead of just going straight to the rail.
Why is the cue ball silver?!?
If it works well that would be neat because no more replacing old felt.
Was hoping to see a glass top without the Vitrium coating. Would have been much more interesting.
I don't want a commercial. I want to see a ball drop test, actual real world shooters, not "pros" (actors). I want to see the que ball reactions to spin. Where is all that at?
However the cloth top gives resistance. That is why this table cannot be for tournament play. That being said, holy shit this is the coolest home table I've ever seen.
I still want to see someone drop a cue ball on it from 2 ft.
How bout the mase shots? I dont think the balls gonna roll on smooth glass.. There should alwways have friction.. Haha

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