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ACS Crossfire 6 Notch Removal Tool price at Amazon - ₹2,350 ₹4,700

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ACS Crossfire 6 Notch Removal Tool Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Height 0.70 Inches
Length 3.50 Inches
Model TL3100
Number-of-Items 1
Weight 905 Grams
Width 3.30 Inches

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Freewheel removal of junk China ones with basic tools
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How To Remove Freewheel Without Remover Tool
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why the video is so blury
why the video is so blury
thanks mn.
thank you very much is really help me clean my rear wheel
If you where having trouble like me and the free wheel is basically stuck on there forever just and your not going to reuse that free wheel just take a Dremel and Dremel the sides of the freewheel and do a little Prying and it should come right off just trust me it worked for me good luck. Hope this helps.
If you remove the Chinese free will that's on the BMX just like the video can you replace it with the different style freewheel?
Thanks cuhz i was hittin it anti clockwise
Thanks a lot mine went bad and I finally replaced it with the help of your vid.
cheers pal
Muchas gracias bro! I've been hitting it the wrong way for about 2hours.
Looks like we have the same bike and same problem.
Fantastic, helped me a lot! Got it off, you the real MVP
Lol I need to reassemble one of those china made ones. Make a video of that plz
Thanks a bunch! this was incredibly helpful.
Very useful thx man
i remove that part that you turned clockwise then the bearings and sprocket come off...but than that part that has the pawls are still intact in the do i remove it? i tried to use a vice grip and the part intact won't even budge.. I have a bmx wheels
Thanks bro
Thank you for helping me!
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Thank you it is really help full! !!
very useful tutorial... i have a new gear block now and old gear block is on the floor with its balls bearing.......eheheheheheheheh thanks mate!!!
Fought with a stick frewheel today all afternoon... 21mm nut from my car wheels did the trick. Fits inside the splines perfectly and allowed me to use a socket to remove it.
Ok, I'll buy a remover tool, that looks much easier
Hi RJ, my freewheel only spin counter clockwise but it doesnt come off. Do you know how I can remove it completely?
Thank you so much!!
I guess that's why it's called a freewheel. When you take it apart you set all the bearings free...
Some of these things are crazy tight. I was able to remove one tapping on it, but I had another one that I had to bring to a bike shop and two people almost couldn't remove it with the right tool. Tapping with the hammer can also easily damage the bearings inside because these bearings are much softer than the ones on the wheels. So really try tapping gently, and if it doesn't work bring it to a bike shop, they will remove it in 2 minutes and may not even charge you.
RJ, genius again
My Tri Diamond 14t Freewheel fell apart today, your video saved me tons of money and frustration. So thank you! You are appreciated!
I'm curious could you use a rubber padding around it to protect it from the wrench? I'm in a bit of a predicament I do not have the tools to remove the Freewheel and I cannot replace the Freewheel if I break it. The bike I'm working on is over 40 years old and it's French and I am in California. I do not have a big budget for this bike it is not mine is a gift for a friend. The bike is a motobecane. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Great. Thanks 👍
Exactly what I needed, thanks!
Thankyou men
Wish you would have prefaced the video first saying this would destroy it
does anyone know if a bmx freewheel will screw onto a screw on mtb hub?
Your voice is very similar to Brian wamplers haha
Do NOT use a pipe wrench !! Remove the pawns and then use the punch on the back of the pawl housing (where the pawls were sitting). This does not cause any damage and the freewheel can be reassembled and reused.
Help, I dont see the dimple in the freewheel and ive taken my bike to both my local shops and they say tthey dont have the tool to take my freewheel off.
how to make your sprocket noisy?
Lubricate - oil - just before installing lock down ring.
what single speed sprocket is that?
Pleas tel me 1 New set price
Hey your video is true its nice
looks good. i might get something like this.
I want to buy
Parabens para voces gostei muito
what's wrong with a simple pin wrench? universal enough.
Yo tengo uno hechizo
Now i dont have to break a sprocket to remove them. chinesse sprockets are a pain on my neck.
Muito top , onde consigo,?
l need that...
price? Im stuck with a chopper freewheel... bastard wont come off! Where can I get it??
Joke, it's won't work on a freewheel that has had serious pressure applied ! You have a lot to learn, don' tshare your ignorance so freely, some fools will believe you and waste their money.
OMG that is so awesome.
Can you use the freewheel again ?