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Amazon Offers ₹2,350
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The lowest ACS Crossfire 6 Notch Removal Tool Price in India is ₹2,350 at Amazon.
Buy ACS Crossfire 6 Notch Removal Tool online at Amazon.
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ACS Crossfire 6 Notch Removal Tool Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Height 0.70 Inches
Length 3.50 Inches
Model TL3100
Number-of-Items 1
Weight 905 Grams
Width 3.30 Inches

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ACS Crossfire 6 Notch Removal Tool Reviews from YouTube

Every Park Tool Freewheel Removal Tool Ever Made
Determining Cassette/Freewheel Type & Tool
How To Remove Freewheel Without Remover Tool
How To Overhaul A Bicycle Single Speed Freewheel
Thank you for doing this!
FR-1 & FR1.2 can be used to remove 10 speed cassettes?
I wish i could have as many tools as you have
This guy is the best shopping channel host i have seen so far.
My sons bike has a "Sun Run" Freewheel. It's 12 spline but around 32mm. Anyone know of there's a tool to fit?
So if you replace the biomycetic abecidarian unit coupled to the gyrosity matrix you'll get the proper magniscopic compression ratio.
Calvin said subscribe, so did
Awesome tutorial
A suggestion: A better naming convention would match the model number to the number of notches and or mm the FR40-4 (40mm, 4 notches) rather than calling it the FR-6.
I've always wondered what Sam Elliot looked like as a younger man.
My freewheel requires a LIFU 09A. From what I have found it is a 1972 bike, 1973 at latest. It's a 10 speed, made in Japan, a Nishiki Olypiad, not Olympic. American Eagle sticker on frame. The tool I ordered to remove freewheel is coming from Switzerland, which will take forever and a day.
how I disassemble the freehub self?
Brilliant, thank you.
On the freewheel I have, It looks like a lockring.. The wheel is off an old Motive mountain bike 1995. The only markings I see is Tracet and a directions arrow that says lock.
Calvin is the Hank Hill of bicycle tools.
Can I use the fr 1.3 instead of one of the fr 5s
Comprehensive education on this topic! Thanks very much for making this video!
I have a sony cassette
I love your video, since ill starts watching your video , every single detail we need to know is already in the video.. Can i have a request, can you send me some bike tools for free. Actually i had some, but because it cheaper it always easy to damage or lose and broke. I wanted to have a good quality bike tools for my online bike shop. Thanks and hoping you read my comment. ..Salute you guys!!
Video is awesome, thanks! I bike to work, rain and snow, and recently the back wheel of my (yea, cheap) bike broke, so I've been searching for ways to replace it and how to determine what I need. Thanks!
I hate that there are so many different types of connection and no standard. I get all sorts of bikes (before each one gets stolen or broken) and I don't want to have to keep buying all these tools every time.
Hi Calvin I have a shimano freewheel with 2 tool fittings but they are way smaller then the park tool 2 prong freewheel removal tool.Can I grind off the metal on the tools prongs to make it fit.?I guess I'm asking if it will still be strong enough to take of a old flywheel without breaking.Its on a old bmx skyway mag wheel.I really don't want to beat on this thing with a hammer and flathead or trying to wrench it off with a flat metal bar.
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Hello, can't you thread it back to its place? Why does it get destroyed?
freaking awesome!
I will just buy a tool remover than buying a pipe wrench 😎
Tnx now i can make my mini mtb to bmx
By this step this not opening waste of my power
I knew back 22 years ago when I acquired a late 80's Montagna MTB from my brother-in-law that I took the wheel to a LBS and they broke the freewheel free for me so I cold service it. They said I had no need to bring it back as just pedaling would tighten it. Well FWD 22 years and I'm rebuilding these Araya dimple 26" wheels. The free wheel is a Suntour 6 speed and I'm half temped to just remove it and scrap it as I'm scrapping the rest of the bike (Suntour SIS rear and friction front). The question I have is the axels. The front Araya has a quick release skewer axel whereas the rear has a solid threaded (well some of the center is not threaded) but it's solid with nuts. How easy is it to convert the rear axel to a skewer (hollow) axel? Any tips on what I need to determine to find one and best place to find one? Once rebuilt I plan on selling on a local BMX group page as these Araya rims are desirable. Outside of 26" Arya dimple, what other measured specs should I include? Thank you for all the advice, I'm subscribed!
Thanks bro, it really works....
Very very helpful video
I forgot about this method! Have used it a few times but didn't think of using a punch like that. I don't think it's that easy to completely destroy it too, probably re assemble and keep using it.
Yes! This just saved my trainer! Silly story, but this was huge! Thank you!
Rj saved me again!
Now am I able to use the free wheel after I use this method or is the freewheel destroyed and un usable?
Thank you for a clear and helpful video. There was no way I was going to spend more on a tool to remove my old SunTour freewheel than I did on my new freewheel. Didn't manage to get it moving with a punch and hammer, but some old needle-nosed pliers did the trick. Helpful to see which way everything should turn. Thanks again!
Thank you so much sir❤️
U helped me fix my son's mounting bike thank you👍
Yes good dady
Perfect! Just the help I needed. Thanks!
You literally are the only one who showed me what I was needing. Now we can finish my son's science project!
Don't use a pipe wrench and you won't mess anything up
Thank you
What brand is this sprocket?
mine rusted to the hub and it broke the hub in 2 when i tried to remove it and its still stuck. new parts needed
If you're lucky enough to have caged bearings like in this video, put some grease in your palm and pack the bearings by moving the cage assembly around over the grease. I wouldn't just squirt grease into the cavity of the whole freewheel because the pawls need a lighter lubricant (oil) rather than grease. Too thick a lubricant and the pawls will hang up.
Thank you so much man, you rock!
What sized caged ball bearings are used in this video?
Is it possible to change the direction of the sprocket?
Do really have to take the hub out or can I leave it on the wheel ?
Took mine to pieces and all the bearings fell out ! They weren't in a cage like yours. What a job looking for them all !
How do you remove this type of freewheel from a hub? I can't see any holes/groves you would insert a tool into.
Dear. You started with already opened freewheel. You didn't tell, what the way it was opened. So I didn't like your video. It seemed, you were not happy to teach all that.
Thank you so freaking much
I have the freewheel off the wheel but now how do I keep steady to punch off the cap ring? Also, when you put it back together how do you hold it steady to tighten back up?
how to make your sprocket noisy?
Lubricate - oil - just before installing lock down ring.
what single speed sprocket is that?
Pleas tel me 1 New set price
Hey your video is true its nice

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