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Buy Acer Spin 3 (NX.GK9SI.010) 2 in 1 Laptop online at Flipkart Amazon. Acer Spin 3 (NX.GK9SI.010) 2 in 1 Laptop Acer Spin 3 (NX.GK9SI.010) 2 in 1 Laptop Colours: Black
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The Ultimate Guide to Acer Spin 3 (NX.GK9SI.010) 2 in 1 Laptop

Unveiling the Acer Spin 3 (NX.GK9SI.010)

Discover the power-packed features of the Acer Spin 3 (NX.GK9SI.010) 2 in 1 Laptop that redefine your computing experience. From seamless multitasking to stunning visuals, this device has it all.

Windows 10 Magic

Embark on a journey with the pre-installed Genuine Windows 10 Operating System. Enjoy built-in security, free automated updates, and the latest features that make your computing secure and hassle-free.

Intel Inside

Unleash the potential of the 6th Gen Intel Core i3 Processor, powering this versatile laptop. Experience lightning-fast performance and smooth multitasking for all your work and entertainment needs.

Ample Storage and Speed

With 4 GB DDR4 RAM and a spacious 1 TB HDD, the Acer Spin 3 ensures that you never run out of space. Enjoy quick access to your files and experience lag-free computing.

Immersive Visuals

Immerse yourself in the 39.62 cm (15.6 inch) Touchscreen Display. Whether you're watching movies or working on creative projects, the visuals will be nothing short of stunning.

Loaded with Features

Explore the Acer Care Center, Acer Portal, abFiles, abPhoto, Accessory Store, and Quick Access features that enhance your productivity and convenience.

Under the Hood

Dive into the technical specifications of the Acer Spin 3 (NX.GK9SI.010) 2 in 1 Laptop. The 2GHz Intel Core i3-6006U 6th GEN processor, 4GB DDR4 RAM, and 1TB 5400rpm hard drive ensure top-notch performance.

A Visual Delight

Experience the 15.6-inch screen and Intel HD Graphics 520 Graphics that bring your visuals to life. The Windows 10 Home 64-bit operating system ensures a seamless and user-friendly interface.

Portable Powerhouse

Weighing just 2.15kg, the Acer Spin 3 (NX.GK9SI.010) is a lightweight companion for your on-the-go lifestyle. Stay productive wherever you are.

Express Yourself in Black

Choose the sleek and stylish Black variant of the Acer Spin 3 (NX.GK9SI.010) 2 in 1 Laptop. Make a statement with a device that complements your style.

Specifications at a Glance

Get a quick overview of the key specifications, including the 2GHz Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB HDD, and more. Make an informed decision for your next tech upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Acer Spin 3 (NX.GK9SI.010) suitable for gaming?

2. Can I upgrade the RAM on this laptop?

3. What accessories are compatible with the Acer Spin 3?

4. How long does the battery last on a single charge?

5. Does the laptop come with a warranty, and what does it cover?

In conclusion, the Acer Spin 3 (NX.GK9SI.010) 2 in 1 Laptop is a perfect blend of style and performance. Elevate your computing experience with this feature-rich device that caters to all your needs.

  • Pre-installed Genuine Windows 10 Operating System (Includes Built-in Security, Free Automated Updates, Latest Features)
  • Intel Core i3 Processor (6th Gen)
  • 4 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 64 bit Windows 10 Operating System
  • 1 TB HDD
  • 39.62 cm (15.6 inch) Touchscreen Display
  • Acer Care Center, Acer Portal, abFiles, abPhoto, Accessory Store, Quick Access
  • 2GHz intel Core i3-6006U 6th GEN processor
  • 4GB DDR4 RAM
  • 1TB 5400rpm hard drive
  • 15.6-inch screen, Intel HD Graphics 520 Graphics
  • Windows 10 Home 64-bit operating system
  • 2.15kg laptop
Acer Spin 3 (NX.GK9SI.010) 2 in 1 Laptop Acer Spin 3 (NX.GK9SI.010) 2 in 1 Laptop Colours:
  • Black

Find the best deal on Acer Spin 3 (NX.GK9SI.010) 2 in 1 Laptop at Flipkart Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Acer Spin 3 (NX.GK9SI.010) 2 in 1 Laptop Price in India is ₹36,990 at Flipkart.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, however before making your purchase, we recommend checking the latest prices and availability at leading retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, so it's a good practice to verify the current rates on the respective websites.
For a comprehensive understanding of Acer Spin 3 (NX.GK9SI.010) 2 in 1 Laptop we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
Shop for Acer Spin 3 (NX.GK9SI.010) 2 in 1 Laptop on Flipkart Amazon to enjoy the best prices in India and significant savings. Take advantage of any ongoing discounts or promotions to get the most value out of your purchase.

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Acer Spin 3 (NX.GK9SI.010) 2 in 1 Laptop Reviews from YouTube

Acer Spin 3 14" Convertible 2in1 Laptop Review, UNBOXING & TEARDOWN
Review: Acer Spin 3 Convertible 2-in-1 Laptop with Core i5-1035G4 & Active Stylus (SP314-54N-50W3)
The Acer Spin 3
Acer Spin 3 2-in-1 Laptop Review
My stylus won’t come out of its port I just realized it was even there
What about this laptop for programming un Python, Java or C++?
Does the stylus come built-in the laptop
actually, I have an Acer spin 3 Core i7 and it was the last edition from 2019.
Could it run roblox?
Can you do a digital art review of the pen,? Does it lag while doing professional artwork like heavy sketching, drawing using layers, thick brushes? Does it have any lag, jitter, heating of the screen, the fan speed getting very high while drawing on the screen? Do a review on these
Can you use the touch screen without the pen?
hey thanks for the review! I'm improving my digital illustrations skills and I would like to know if this laptop can handle well illustraton and design programs such as illustrator, photoshop and clip studio paint?
What do you think about it after 10 months of using ?
Can it run fortnite?
I intend to buy one of these. I have been using an ACER laptop for a while now and I am very fond of it. Also, my tablet is out so I want to combine those two by getting one of these. Pricewise, it's decent enough and it does what it needs to do. Thanks for the video.
Does anyone else have the problem where it will not turn on? The bottom gets really hot and will not turn on unless you factory reset the laptop or wait 4 hours. Does anyone have any tricks to get it to work?
and why do you think one wants to hear music?
the keyboard look a bit clumsy, it bended down when he touched it.
Is the keyboard backlit?
I found this laptop today and it has i5-10g1 and 8 ram and 512 ssd. Now it had a thunderbolt and wifi6. And fingerprint sensor. Anyway, i want to ask is this good for students who use Microsoft and browsers only Also for photoshop can the intel uhd handle it Please replay this is so important since teaching is online now.
Hello ppl I am writing in distress. I bought this thing from acer store and it was delivered less than a week back. Today, after I had hibernated it, it has refused to start. I am getting blue screen with mouse pointer responsive. But since it's a public holiday and weekend, the company is dead. No support, take ur risks. Even went up to the escalation matrix and they were rude to say the least, unhelpful being part of the job. My job is at stake but the gentlemen tell me it's late and not done at this time of the night. A fair appreciation when ur job is not at stake coz I cant recover data I produced in last three days by monday morning when their support opens up. Well I guess u pay for ur mistakes. First time I trusted acer instead of hp/ asus/ dell and the lesson is hard. Take ur risks guys and buy it.
Acer spin 3 with 1TB DD, 6GB RAM and Intel 3 7generation is a good opcion?
Seems like stylus response is lackey.
BUYER BEWARE – Do not purchase from Acer directly or otherwise. Their manufacturing process has zero quality control, their products are manufactured outside of international labor regulations, and their customer/technical support is a complete scam. I purchased two products recently, a 2020 Acer Aspire 27” All In One, and a 2020 Acer Spin 3. The Aspire was purchased via Amazon, and out of the box the sound card was defective. I contacted Amazon support, who admitted that they had had numerous complaints and returns of this model. They immediately offered to send a replacement, which arrived tow days later. Meanwhile, I made the unfortunate mistake of ordering the Spin 3 directly from Acer /. Immediately upon opening the package, I noted that there were no extra active pen tips included in the box, which I had seen in unboxing videos previously. When I pulled out the stylus, it had no tip installed and was therefore useless. The pen could not sync with the laptop and was unusable. I called Acer Support and they had no explanation, simply agreeing to send a replacement pen. Over a week later, the pen arrived in a manilla envelope, completely unprotected and out of box. This pen had a tip, but no extras and no packaging. After “charging’ the pen, it quickly appeared that the pen was not recognized by the laptop. No amount of troubleshooting would resolve this issue, so I called Acer support a second time. On that call, I was on with the tech for over an hour as he slowly researched every troubleshooting step I had already taken The support rep had no knowledge of the product at all and apparently no resources beyond Google At one point, he started walking me through the troubleshooting for the Microsoft Surface pen before realizing he works at Acer. Finally, the support tech gave up and offered to send me yet another pen. Three days later, I had not received any tracking, so I called Acer Support again, only to learn that the previous tech rep had not filed my support ticket and they had no record of the hour long call. I am now waiting for a call from a manager, which I can only assume will never actually take place. They tricked me out of my money, they are a dishonorable and misrepresentative company and you should know that about Acer before buying any of their substandard products.
Awesome video. Thank you. I’m going to buy it.
Thank you!
Is there an Acer or similar laptop that has all of the features of the Acer Spin 3 with a USB type C port?
I got this new just today but the speakers sounds low. Is this just because it’s new or are the speakers not too loud?
Thankyou for making this great review You are seriously underrated!
I want to buy a touchscreen laptop with which I can draw on it. Can it handle heavy drawing, please do a video on the artistic review on this laptop. Does the screen heat up, see a lag, jittering, wobbling while drawing on the screen? Especially when using layers and using thick brushes?
I can't get my stylus on of the laptop
Which is better Acer spin 3 or Dell inspiron 14 5000?
This is literally the best review of any laptop ever. So detailed for a person like me who doesn't know anything about computers! Keep up the awesome work!
Great review!
Hi sorry to bother you; with the link, the only model available now, is one that seems to be everything the same, just only 8gb ram (not 16gb lpddr4; processor and other specs seem to be the same except ram and type c seems to be there now). But do you know if this model is upgradeable too regarding ram, and if so, to how much can be added? Thanks
Dear i want to know. Microsoft office program’s are working
Tile shows Core i5 but the specs say I7.
Great Video! How is it with running Photoshop and other adobe apps? I can't find any information online. Please someone let me know ASAP!
Can I play sims 4 without any problems?
Hello I'm looking a laptop for arquitecture this can be used with AutoCAD, illustrator, SketchUp and Photoshop? Thank you. I have a laptop Asus Republic of Games windows 7 Intel core i7 Nvidia GFORCE GTX 560 M 2 GB Model G74S MB ver : G74SX Battery is not good. My question it's worth to install a Windows 10 more memory ram etc. Or get this one that you mentioned Thank you greetings form Mexico
your videos are so great! keep it up!
This video (and channel) deserves far more attention- not just because of the work you've put in, but also the actual usefulness to a consumer. Not just rattling off specs and stuff I could tell from scouring descriptiobs, but actual useful pros and cons that will inform my purchase. I had a tough time choosing between this and the Lenovo L13 Yoga but have finally chosen this thanks to this video. Only time will tell how useful a USB-C port is haha
by far the best review channel out there
Yo Panda bro.great review as ALWAYSbut I have one question please. WHERE ARE YOU GETTING $700 quotes from ? In my country , these laptopsespecially the i7, they are over $2000 ! Can you tell me where you bought yours for such a low price Cheers and keep up the great work !
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