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Acer E5-571G (NX.MRFSI.012) Laptop Features

Acer E5-571G (NX.MRFSI.012) Laptop

The lowest Acer E5-571G (NX.MRFSI.012) Laptop Price in India is ₹35,444 at Croma.
Buy Acer E5-571G (NX.MRFSI.012) Laptop online at Croma.
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Acer E5-571G (NX.MRFSI.012) Laptop Reviews from YouTube

Acer Aspire E5 511 571 Review unboxing look and feel hands on first look
Acer Aspire E5 Review
Budget Core i3 Laptop Acer Aspire E5-571 Review & Hands On
Unboxing Acer Aspire 571G Laptop (i7/8GB/1TB/2GB) Review & Hands On
Worst laptop ... charging issue
great review thanks
hello,I have acer aspire e 15 E5-511-C83Band I installed Windows 7 home basic 64 bit, it came to slow, please help me,do think windows 32 or 86 bit is better?specifications:1.8 ghz celeron quad core N29404 GB DDR 3 OF ram1000 GB HDD
Indai India India, I have the acer aspire. Its not good compared to my new laptops.... alienware and macook 12 inch :D
that brings video card and how many megabytes
You have the most INDIAN accent in the world. I could already hear you saying: "Hurry with da curry."
I'm buying this
Acer E15 E5-571G-77NL
what's the specs and would it be able cs go and league with mid settings 40 fps?
At the end you mention a link for another video (5:10) you have one to reference for adding RAM to an E5-571P? Thanks!
I am getting my self a Acer Aspire E5 this is the link to the website I don't play games that take a lot of FPS I only play Roblox and little bit of Minecraft so I don't need a really good laptop this laptop is fine for the price it is normal speed and I am getting this but I have a Gaming PC but I don't need it because I don't even play games that take a lot so I am selling my Gaming PC and getting a laptop.
Thanks for the video! I was almost going to go with a different one, but thanks to this I'll probably buy this one.
which one is better? this orSony VAIO Fit 15E SVF1521AGXB?
does it work for gaming, like minecraft and sims 3?
You need to zoom out the video !!
Hello! I have an acer E5-471G. I can't get the keyboard backlight to work. Does it even have that feature? does your keyboard on that laptop light up?
Is this good for recording like Xbox gameplay?
... Acer Aspire V5-571-6689 review unit has the following configuration: 15... mean better battery life: Conclusion The Acer Aspire V5-571 is tough...?Overview The Acer Aspire V5 series is designed to provide and thin and light computing... Acer Aspire E5-571P-51GN : Very attractive and r e l i a b l e performance i sure try it. Beautifull..
What is the model , Aspire E5-471G?
My dad had baught one of these like last summer in 2020 or summer 2019 used for cheap and he gave it to me and it is GREAT i love it so much even tho its old and i dont do much than just play roblox or watch youtube its really good for how old it is and it can do alot of stuff
Hi what Acer laptop that has a hexagon pattern on the back?
well now the computer is slow use to handle fortnite at 50 fps in 2018 now it goes at 20 fps
I'm getting it
I'm writing this after having used this laptop for 3 years> and I mean "heavy" using it, I have used it every day for at least 4-5 hours for 3 years!, I use some ram demanding software (Autocad, Ableton, Photoshop, graphic design software) and this computer has never frozen on me, still up and running like the first day I bought it, all keys working fine, love the trackpad on this thing, I also love the finishing on it, after three years, not a single scratch! This is the best laptop ever.
Mine ended up broken. This laptop has terrible materials to be honest.
"...wins the awards for having the most screws at the bottom of the laptop."LMAO
Whats the amount of deditated wam for a Minecraft server
I have this and gotta say the only downside is battery life. It's below average. You only get around 2 hours on it.
hot potato in the mouth?
My experience with this laptop has been terrible, its slow, overheats, loud and blue screens when i try to run my favorite games.
I have Aspire E14 E5-473-33BR my battery wont charging.. any suggestions for a new battery does all E14 model fit same battery?
my 17 inch has gone real slow. i think i need a ram upgrade and a SSD upgrade
Can you show it motherboard
E5 or dell xps15 lol
I bought my ACER ASPIRE E5-523G-95NV at the end of 2017. Productivity user, not gamer. I use external keyboard, monitor, mouse, speakers. It ticked the boxes for me for 128 ssd, 2tb hd, vga, optical drive. I wanted something that starts up fast, has a tb of storage, a vga plug, 3.0 usb, optical drive.I liked it so much I bought a second one and am still pleased with them.
i had this laptop for 4 years and it was amazing!
How to use sim card in laptop Acer i3
you, m'lady, helped my boyfriend to find his laptop (acer predator helios) and now you're on the way to help me finding my laptop... you're great!
What is price
Abhishek be asking the real questions here
What are the important software comes with it . Please
Does the quick heal antivirus software this laptop contains is full version or trial
Does this laptop have windows 7 preinstalled
which one is better acer or lenovo?
hey mj is the best laptop under 28k.
that is great thanks
very nice laptop computer!so how can I get this one then what is the price of each ?

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