Idea behind

Before buying a product we always compare the prices from different shops in order to find a cheap and best price. Nowadays, online shopping is booming in India and it is very difficult to check the prices at each and every e-commerce website by accessing the individual websites. If we just rely on one or two e-commerce website then we might miss the best price offered at some other website. The solution for this one-stop price comparison engine. is a price comparison engine where one can easily find the right product for the best price by comparing the products and prices.

How to use

  • Find Products
  • Compare Products & Prices
  • Buy Online
1) Search for the product you are looking for.
2) Press "Compare this product" button in order to compare the specifications of the product. Ex: Compare iPhone 6 with iPhone 6S.
3) Once the right product is decided then check out the prices offered by different online shops and decide where to buy based on the best price and reviews.