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GUNS, GERMS, & STEEL BOOK REVIEW | UCLA Anthropology Student Explains | Summary, Analysis & Opinions
STEEL STRUCTURE BOOK REVIEW | S K Duggal | B.Tech | Civil Engineering Book |
My favourite author
Yukio Mishima - Sun and Steel BOOK REVIEW
How does this information fit over 'average IQ by country'?
Great video, it does make me wonder what some realistic examples of human agency undermining the argument of geographic determinism in terms of how societies develop or how people act. I kinda got what you meant about the glass of water example, but I still ultimately felt that you drank from a glass of water from your kitchen tap because you had it.
I have a few thoughts and clarifications to make as I don't feel that most people who read or review Diamond's books come at it from as broad a perspective as the author has. My post is quite long, so I hope you take time to read it but understand if you won't. It is much shorter than a book however. I myself came from a poor rural farm in West Virginia to become the first of my family to go to college, then graduate school. I have lived five miles from the nearest town of 400 people for twenty years and for a decade in one of the largest cities in the state with friends from five continents. I think I have some insight into how geography creates and limits opportunities. "Jared Diamond is not anthropologically trained. He is first and foremost a geographer" -- Jared Diamond is a professor of geography. He is also a wildlife biologist who has spent the better part of his career studying birds in southeast Asia and particularly in highland New Guinea and has spent decades living and working with people who were still Neolithic farmers isolated from the outside world until the 1930s. The root of his book is a question posed to him by a local New Guinean politician in 1972: "Why is it that white people have so much cargo (technological inventions) while my people developed so little ourselves?" This book is his attempt at answering that question based on evidence from a number of fields. "Geography determines who develops agriculture first" -- In a way. What he is really showing is that the people of the Fertile Crescent had access to many highly productive plant species (large seeded, high protein grains which are easy to store) in their natural environment while other areas had less productive species. The same is true of animals (large herbivores living in stable herds dominated by one or two individual members, in a hierarchy that humans could effectively hijack to become the leader of the herd) while other areas had animals that were more aggressive or less responsive to a single leader. People of the fertile Crescent were already living in small villages, gathering grain and managing herds before they switched to active cultivation. They did so because a change in the climate made it less viable to live as semi-nomadic gatherers. Faced with the option to either abandon their villages and move to more fertile areas or turn to more intensive food production they went with option 2, which led to agriculture. If the geographic area hadn't been so favorable for food production they likely wouldn't have developed it. Similar factors were at play in parts of China, southeast Asia and highland New Guinea, all of which developed agriculture independently somewhat later than the Fertile Crescent. A few other areas also developed agriculture independently but did so much later because the plants and animals available for domestication in those areas were less productive, harder to control, and lower population densities and lack of settled villages made it easier to simply pack up and move than to settle into intensive cultivation. "Geographic Determinism > Human Agency" -- I don't think that is his argument. His argument is more about opportunity. Agriculture developed in the Fertile Crescent because the people there had higher population density and settled villages (less opportunity to move in response to environmental changes) and a local flora and fauna more amenable to domestication (more opportunity to harness a stable food source near home). Thus, when climate change made hunting and gathering less viable, the option to pack and move was limited by hostile neighbors trying to guard their own dwindling food resources, but intensive cultivation and herding was more viable here than in much of the world.
Is there anyone who thinks that she looks like Scarlett Johansson 😍
4:30 Interesting discussion of determinism vs. free will. I find it interesting how philosophical questions often enter into discussions on history, geography and anthropology.
Hi, some help pls? I have to answer the prompt would Jared be pleased or displeased with the statement that geography determines everything in human history. I'm almost done reading the book some thoughts would help pls
Jared Diamond tries to simplify a lot of concepts too much and end up with a limited perspective of human development leading to some wrong results, with a more profound study of African, Asian and American history disproving him. So much so that most historians and geographers disregard his work as not serious enough. If you are going to enter this field of researching why Europe became a dominant power in the world I recommend not stopping at Diamond and reviewing some alternative theories. One I recommend to start is The Colonizer's Model of the World: Geographical Diffusionism and Eurocentric History by J. M. Blaut. He has a different perspective than Diamond and his book isn't very big or complex to understand. It's important to always seek the criticisms of this theories that go viral, they are generally too simplified in public discourse.
Nice video
I reccomend Why Natins Fail which is another great book that try to find an answer to the same mystery that Jared tried to solve in his masterpiece
We want more book review videos.
Hand sanitizer 2,000 years ago would have saved humanity from how twisted events have turned out
You are amazing. I read this book while in the Marines. I agree with you. I would recommend any book by Malcolm Gladwell. All are good and they go into why things are the way they are but in a different approach.
Thanks for the book 📕 review.also, u should do more book review about anthropology.
Fantastic review. I enjoyed this book. My professors were always critical of Diamond, as they think he takes credit for the ideas in his books. I never got that impression. Collapse is another great Diamond book.
i really needed this- thank you!
Please send S Ramamrutham book pdf ( in Limit State method)
Price kitna hai ...
thanks a lot .great book
thank you brother
Design of steel structure by SK Duggal Download kaise kare please please bata dijiye
Bro plz pdf ho to send kr skte ho ky
bhai itna bada watermaek kyu dala muskil hota hee
Madeasy cilvil hand book drive link not working no access plz provide mega link
Bhai a download nahi ho raha he
Bhai tos ka s.chand ka review kijiye
Bro also provide PDF of this book plzzz bruh 🙏😍😍 Steel structure by sk duggal Plzz bhai
Bhai is book ka PDF provide karo na ... Plzz bhai
Based beyond belief
Based Japanese nationalist
That doki doki music is so fitting
Three years ago
This is insanely based.
Mishima is based
Felix : "I'm not gonna spoil everything" Also felix:"so this character is a reincarnation of the character from the first book and took place many years later after the first book" Love you felix
Such a good video!!
I recommend you to "Hakai" (The Broken Commandment) by Toson Shimazaki. That novel chaeged my life. I don't know there is English subtitle though😅
No, Felix. Suffering leads to the darkside.
Japan never do anything in half, they can just sign in a normal petition but nooo they have to sign it with LITERAL blood
I had the same reaction after finishing Sapiens.
i love watching these videos late at night to unwind from a long day at work. It's so chill listening to Felix talk about these great books and unpack them. Thank you so much for being a great person! I love your work!
Spreading the good message
The may 15th incident sounds much like the jinbu assassination squad arc in Ruroni Kenshin - yes I'm watching this 3yrs after posted haha
He was a nut who was sad, negative thinking, ritually and wrongly spirited, and just sick in a big way. He wasted his life and his talent. Sad man driven by sad impulses that he should have found a way to change. So sad. Sick stories.
He did not "stage a coup d'etat" - he attempted a coup d'etat - there is a difference.
your video was on xvideos for some reason... I was so confused when I saw it.
You talked more about the author than the book Sun and Steel!
what do you mean "might" inspire you to work out lmao I wanna go to reps right the fuck now
"this guy practiced every single thing that he preached" sometimes what you are looking for in a leader is not the absolute righteousness of his morality but the absolute devotion to it ...to me that means to be a samurai
It took moving to Japan for me to finally read Mishima. Eternally flogging myself for not reading his work earlier. I’ll just force myself to lift heavier as punishment
He basically built muscle to commit suicide
Homosexuality has been accepted in Japan for a loong time. Not having a wife and family was NOT accepted in Japan. You need to learn more about Japanese sexuality.. Might I suggest "Pink Samurai" Homosexuality has been far more accepted there than in the west, however just like everything else in Japan there are rigid social rules and parameters. Read.
Sex, weights and Suicide... What ELSE is there??
The last suggestion would be really hard to accomplish.
Thank you
Was looking for more of a discussion regarding the book here too, having read it too myself.
Here’s the free PDF- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ey1PII3mz63vtZgXnvJAYNbw2eTqagv2/view
sounds awesome
Very late to the party, I sat down to read this, got through about 70 pages and had to stop. I have no issues with challenging reads and was very interested in this, but this was a very difficult read, it is all metaphysical, philosophical and seems like a series of thoughts put on paper. Can someone tell me, what am I missing here? because the writer and the issue he talks about I find fascinating, but this just didnt get to me like it did for other people.
Here's a PDF I found for anyone that wants to read it. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BwGbhGWPReybN1dGcDFRYTA5dms/edit
Jizz! this book is really expensive !
and what is your name?
And you review Mishima...fuck man. Sailor is one of my faves

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