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A Ticking Time Bomb: Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea Book Reviews from YouTube

Webinar: Security and Status! Security, requirements and situation in the Gulf of Guinea
WEBINAR: Gulf of Guinea Improving Maritime Security 17 February 2021
Why You Should Read Frederick Forsyth
Capitalism & the Apocalypse: Mike Davis in Conversation
Can you give a recommendation of the books you think should be read. I think there is a total of 15 books. Do you think its best to read up to the late 90s as his best work?
Picked up "The Afghan" at a dollar store...really enjoyed it. After watching this video I will certainly read more of FF's work. Thank you.
V interesting, also i would recommend that u add Daniel Silva to the list of authors in the genere... look forward to hearing u more
Excellent commentary! Absolutely excellent. Forsyth is the master of the genre. You hit the big names like Jackal and Dogs of War and Devils Alternative, and you also touched on how some of his works are soooo technical that the story suffers, I'm thinking the fox...I do wish more people knew his writing and that movie studios would do his books, other than jackal, justice.
I am currently Reading " The Fox "
Your passionate advocacy is an inspiration.As for your regret that the age of the War on Terror has not produced the accompanying novels and novelists in the same way as the Cold War did, you have to ask yourself: what was the background of the Forsyths and Le Carr's of this world, and can the culture in flux of the past thirty years produce figures like them? I don't think so.
I'm not well read read within the genre, but when it comes to spy novels, but I think Charles Cummings deserves a mention. He is certainly heading for the hall of fame for authors of espionage thrillers.
Loved The Day of the Jackal (and the original movie with Edward Fox) & The Devils Alternative is one of my favourite books, just love the very real dilemmas with no good choices (risk potential nuclear war or massive environmental damage (again written long before the Exxon Valdez Accident made that a international household worry)), and almost all characters have understandable rationale behind their actions.Also loved the logistical aspect of both War and Statecraft in this (risk of food supply failure leading to potential war) and Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy (where a massive petroleum infrastructure sabotage action by terrorist lead to such a severe financial and energy threat for the USSR that they launch a preemptive strike against NATO).Not to mention the scene where the US president is shown Satellite Pictures of failing Russian crops, and notice a Russian Farmer in the process of relieving himself included in one of them! Both hilarious and utter realistic!
New sub. Thanks for your work. Got some catching up to do. Solidarity! Peace.
God bless Mike Davis. We need more humans like him.
But you support both Socialism and Communism, the most destructive and devisive ideas and tools but Capitalism is the evil one, fuck that and fuck you.
The kid at the beginning was cute.
Great program. Thank you Haymarket. Thank you hosts Annie Olaloku-Teriba and Richard Seymour and the brilliant Mike Davis. Deep thinking, and then Mike Davis ends with " ... and please give that adorable little girl a kiss for me, ok?" - Socialism is love. Solidarity forever.
Mike Davis is an amazing and brilliant human being. Thank you so much for the privilege of listening to him.
"No greater sin on the left than allowing the demobilization of an active base" --great call out there, too, making me think of Alicia Garza defining terms of empowerment vs power and base vs constituency.
"Argentine soccer fan"...I'm assuming he means the Pope? I'm behind on my Pope politics.
"basically transferring protein resources from urban West Africans to...Kentucky Fried Chicken" I never connected the dots like THAT! But yeah! Wow.
This was brilliant - bleak in many places, but I can't say unnecessarily so. Mike Davis has contributed so much in the construction of my way of understanding the world. I remember reading in one of Alexander Cockburn's books, how Davis - who he admired deeply - seemed to know everything. I suspect it's likely he would laugh that off, but there's a lot of people who are forever in this man's debt with regards to a whole host of topics.Thank you to all involved in this video.

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