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A Textbook of Industrial Robotics Book Reviews from YouTube

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Hanzhen harmonic drive gear , robot gear joint, over 30 years experience
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The gene, its the only book of the list ive read, it took me a month
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Cool video, I knew of half of the books but will look into the others you mentioned. You have very good content and I am now subscribing. I have a small criticism though, for whatever reason, on just this video, I got a little distracted by all the hand movements and gestures for some reason. Just wanted to point that out, not sure if its your thing but for whatever reason I was paying a lot of attention to all the hand gestures and arm movements hahaha
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Excellent series, my college has the same syllabus as described in the video, this series will be very helpful for me, thank you
Thanks sit
Is the syllabus is same for all groups and as open elective
Sir I have 7 years experience in Automotive industry,now I am interested to study for Automotive industry Robotics program pls give a detail for where I study program course.
sir can you send this ppt ,which you have covered in the lecture.
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