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A Student Reverie; An Album of Saxony Days (Freiberg Near Dresden) Book Reviews from YouTube

TU FREIBERG Campus Tour by Nikhilesh Dhure / TU Bergakademie Freiberg by Nikhilesh Dhure
Freiburg — A Sustainable City Trip in Germany | Discover Freiburg by Bike and Longboard
Vlog 2: "Alte Elisabeth Freiberg"
i study here the university is fine but the town is so boring
It is a freakin ghost town
Whether we have to pay fees to the government in TU freiberg
Great video, He was so cool fluent,
Who else after the Admission?
Is MBA free in this university ?
Hi Nikhil. Your videos is truly amazing I learn a-lot about Germany jobseeker visa. My question is I looking for job in digital marketing. Can you please make a video about digital marketing is it worth or not in Germany. Hope you will reply
Kuch information Dena app jitna charge chao le lena
Bhai aap apna contact number do
It's so deserted
Sir Can you please visit Hochschule Bremerhaven next
Bhai lockdown ka koi scene hai to bata do wo update must hai wo video bana lo please please please
Please make one video of racism in Germany with different ethnic groups.
Bro could you please do video on Ulm university
Hlo, Sir Can you tell me which university provide hotel management course for bachelor student.
Lol. I'm loving close to the uni
Hi Nikhil. Thanks for all the videos. Amazing work. Quick suggestion since you have covered quite a lot of courses and universities. I'm applying for a master's in Sustainable International Agriculture (Agribusiness) at Göttingen and I can't find any videos on youtube on masters in Agri and allied including food technology etc. I don't know if it's still a niche sector for Indian students but would be great topic to cover. Thanks! Great job again.
Oh you came to my home agricolastraß and i didnt knew it ☹
3:40 It is not the only one. There is another one at Häuersteig far behind the Train Station. But its in a business area next to a hardware store. So if you want to go there bus or car would be ideal.
Can u please tell me how is IUBH UNIVERSITY for MIM course?
Best city in the world
I love Freiburg im Breisgau Munster is a historically monument in this beautiful students town universtyes, Thomas Morris school , Goethe institute is the best. Real natives are always kind and open hearts.(Feirling beer garden and Rothaus, Ganther beer are the best)
I lived and studied in Freiburg for 3 years. I still want to go back and live there the rest of my life. I fell in love with this town
Vauban looks like Utopia
Ist this video available in German too? I'd really like to show it to my DAF  students.
6:32 Its say on the wall 'Antifa' & 'F*ck Trump'
So great
Notice something on the Wall of the power plant
Once I lived in Freiburg for a month, I fell in love with it. Freiburg is the best city in Deutschland
DW you are doing nice work.
Want to know about a international university in Freiburg for Ecology and wildlife
Luke why did you change a instead of ah that was too American hahaha
Spent 10 days in Freiburg about 9 years ago. Still my favourite holiday.
What’s your favourite city @DW Travel?
Do this guy have his own you tube channel?
Just to be clear, the uneven and messy appearance of the buildings in Vauban (shown here) has nothing to do with sustainability at all.
I lived in Freiburg until I was 18 (which is only 1,5 years ago) and I can confirm that it really is a very beatiful and modern city with many green parts and a great public transportation system. The biggest problems are, as mentioned, the very high rents, they are among the highest in all of Germany. 9:10 This is NOT the way from Himmelreich to Freiburg! It´s the way from Freiburg to Günterstal (a part of Freiburg on paper, but it looks more like a village. You can see it at 9:25 in the background.) Anyway, good documentary about my home town :)
Vauban's Block-type thermal power plant being seen as sustainable is a quite old misconception isn't it? Haven't we clarified that burning wood isn't the "greenest" way to produce energy and definitely not co2 neutral?
I'm on my way from Leipzichh to Fraiburg
thats not the way from Himmelreich Station to Freiburg
Nice bro
What did the German say
Best of luck to your team. Plz show village life also
Broo aik noo
Ayyyyoooo hoooyyyy
Lovely city brother
1no. Bro
Historic place nice to visit
Buti pa dyan walang traffic napakatahimik pa. Ingat po kayo
Parang yong huli namin gala ni Jens sis hindi kami nakapasok sa tier garten dahil din sa Corana pasaway.hahaha
Ganda talaga sa Germany
Nice puro pasyal sis ingat lage ha see u soon.‍⚕️⚕

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