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A History of Energy Flows: From Human Labor to Renewable Power Book Reviews from YouTube

The Biggest Lie About Renewable Energy
India's Target of 500 GW Renewable Energy By 2030 - IN FOCUS | Drishti IAS English
Can 100% renewable energy power the world? - Federico Rosei and Renzo Rosei
Why You Should NOT Read 48 Laws of Power
why is free energy so much more expensive? do you know that it takes more fossil fuel to make on ev battery than a gas vehicle uses in its lifetime?
This video is not aging well.
Perhaps, Perhaps shrinking the GOVERNMENT workers and politicians will do the job too. This effort should be on both sides kids.
If we get off fossil fuels, millions, hundreds of millions, will die. I don’t understand how people are ok with this Make a decision: kill off a bunch of people now, or literally weather the heat in 100 years. A guarantee of mass starvation, or a probability of +2 degrees C over a century
Simply get everyone to use less energy , renewable energy isn't replacing other forms of energy it's just adding more energy to the energy that we're using
Oil companies have known by their own scientists what damage fossil fuels would do to the earth and have been lying to us for the past 40 odd years about it. They have spent billions trying to cover up the damage they have done and ExxonMobil has been the biggest culprit. They have been trying to discredit renewable and alternative forms of energy for years and its only recently that they are losing their power and people are no longer believing their lies. If we as a species are to have any hope of beating the threat of climate change we need to do everything to get rid of fossil fuels. Renewables are a very young technology, they are not perfect and in their current state wont save the planet on their own, but they will only improve as time goes on
The wind turbines are not an example of a smart grid. Smart grids dynamically match demand to supply it is not a method of energy generation.
We cannot create a sustainable society in a capitalistic economic system, capitalism is the problem
Rubbish.....more Net Zero propaganda...no mention of Nuclear power which is essential for base load energy. No mention of mining for scarce precious metals required for all things electric. What happens when the wind doesn't blow or when the Sun doesn't shine or in winter when it is dark and snowing etc etc. Currently it takes around ten years to bulild a Nuclear Power Station. These guys are living in cloud cuckoo land. The high cost of such an infrastructure paid for by high taxes on the lowest salaries set out by the Net Zero zealots is not sustainable. Just take a look at current inflation on all food and energy driven by these crazy propagandists.
If we want to have solar and wind, then we also need a pairing reliable source with the total demanded capacity to compensate for the 80% of the time solar is not available, and 65% of the time wind capacity is not available. What do you use when there is no sun and the wind doesn't blow at the required speed? 1. Gas, oil, and coal (current situation, polluting, affordable) 2. Gas plus CCS (clean, very expensive) 3. Energy storage plus a lot of additional renewable capacity for charging. (clean, very expensive) 4. Using some reliable clean technology such as nuclear, hydro, or geothermal. (clean, affordable) - 2 and 3 don't have any economic sense as of today - If you implement the required backup capacity with option 4, then solar and wind are no longer required as it would result in added cost at grid scale. So, solar and wind only have sense in scenario No. 1. This narrows the options for the grid mix: A) solar, wind + gas, oil, and coal B) nuclear, hydro, geothermal Now you can understand why solar and wind won't be able to clean the grid and have the support of the Oil&Gas players. Only a transition from A) to B) can really ensure a green, affordable, and reliable grid.
I think you need both nuclear power as a base and solar and wind on the local level to complete the grid. I do think solar has tremendous potential in very sunny empty deserts that can be plugged into the grid to help wean us off oil, gas, and coal. I have solar panels on my house and I love it.
This is so stupid, the big lie turned out to be this video. First the oil companies are saying anything. Second the internet / information management isn't going to solve storage and transmission problems. If these guys position were so strong why would they have to make up these BS stories. I guess I won't buy solar.
Europe’s green energy isn’t cutting it like they thought it would… Might want to revise this video.
What a load of crap
5:35 Skynet!
Hopefully you kids never get to be in charge of anything. Anything at all.
Imagine trying to pretend like China gives af about the environment or climate lmao
Nuclear will be the solution until we find a way to store electricity.
Dagnabbit! I knower this was gonna happen when everyone sold old Dobbin and went in debt so they could ride around in them horseless carriages. Had to carry gas cause they weren't no filling stations. Next thing they's on ever corner. Gotta serve yourself. No one to clean your windows check tires oil. Millions out of work cause stables and smith's out of work. Millions more had no horse shit to clean up. That's what caused the depression, automobiles.
2022 this aged poorly. The wars and pandemic screwed this lovely fever dream up for ya. Also so did the fact that solar loses 30% of its capacity when going from AC to DC back to AC And the fact that lithium production pollutes dozens of square miles of groundwater supply per mine. Storage?? 70% tax is laughable. Also proponents always say "well the gov needs to subsidise it because the corproations only care about profit and theres no money to be made in green energy so they dont invest enough" Im sorry, is there another planet they live on?
Consider the following statements: 1. By 2030, India is targeting about 500 GW of renewable energy deployment. 2. Out of 500GW, around 80% is from solar photovoltaics. Choose the correct answer using the codes given below: (a) 1 only (b) 2 only (c) Both 1 and 2 (d) Neither 1 nor 2
Option A
Option A is correct Thank you Ma'am 🙏
Option A is correct
Option A only 1
Thank you ma'am
Option A will the right answer for today's question.
Option B iz correct Ans....Thank You Drishti Team 🙏
Option a is correct..280 GW will be from solar PV..
Only 1
Thank you ma'am 😊 The Answer is Option A. Only 1
May I please know that when does Drishti launch its CSE Prelims & mains Test series? I am asking for CSE 2023..
Thank you so much to everyone supporting us on Patreon! You are helping amplify the voices of scientists working towards a more sustainable future. If you'd like to learn more about how to get involved, check out our Patreon page: http://bit.ly/2BRTjYU
Great animations!
Adaptive protection scheme for a microgrid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpHg-KXUPZ0&t=16s
. .
Do you know about the link of this video
No they can't!
Renewable EnergyAll the power plants are powered by steam why not to stick a long grafit tube to the soil as closer as you can to the planet core and use that heat instead of coal or oil am i the only one ? :)
Renewable is nothing but a misleading marketing term like all natural or chemical free. Calling something RE tells us absolutely nothing useful about sustainability, environmental impact, materials throughput, efficiency, effectiveness etc. The inconvenient fact is that low-carbon energy generation depends on metals and minerals, just like high-carbon energy generation depends on oil and gas. You can’t call these metals and minerals with a prayer or make them in a lab. They have to be mined. What kinds, how much, waste management, energy return on energy investmented varies tremendously. As dilute intermittents like wind and solar are so problematic both in the enormous amount of resources the require and in loss of efficiency when incorporated into infrastructure they have a far larger environmental impact than the other low-carbon options. We can’t get something for nothing, and every human activity has an environmental cost, including attempts to protect that very same environment.
I'm fascinated about the animation in this video :D
Probably 110% An extra ten percent in case of crisis..
Should just focus on improving nuclear power it’s the best option plus it produces a powerful amount of power unlike the other options stated in the video, they should work on making it as close to infallible as possible instead of focus on other sources
By cutting off our oil and gas independence we have to ship oil and gas across the ocean with oil tankers that burn fossil fuels and we thereby cause the emission of more Greenhouse gasses. This causes Electricity prices to go up. So buying an electric car is no solution, because these cars are charged with electricity that is generated using fossil fuels. Also, Biden has cut down on our ability to extract rare metals in the US, that are needed to make Car Batteries and Solar Panels. Buying these non renewable rare earth elements needed for Car batteries and Solar Panels from other countries does not help the world's Air become any cleaner. It might help America's Carmon Footprint within our borders but it's a fairy Tale to say it helps the earth's Air. Even windmills require huge amounts of Cement, and Cement production Causes greenhouse Gas Emissions. Batteries are not usually recycled because it is cheaper to Frack for Lithium to make new and more efficient ones. Recycling Lithium batteries pollute also. All forms of energy are becoming more efficient thanks to free enterprise not because of government subsidies. 80% of our energy comes from Fossil Fuels. There is no such thing as renewable energy sources. There is no such thing as Green Energy. That is a Fairytale. The only renewable source of energy is Trees. TrillionTreesForTrump.com offers hope
PIpe dreams ...... GO NUCLEAR
Couldn't hear the word Hydrogen.
Good luck on that
What if govt first start to use solar pannels in their own offices and main buildings ? using solar as the primary and then maybe other electricity sources as secondry ... and then they give subsidies to people to encourage them ... subsidy could be in the form of a discount or a tax rebate ? and then corporate offices can also install pannels in their roofs .
The SUN shines everywhere.!.!. wait gives us all of evolution's gifts.!.!.!. This announcer is a FUD spreader.!.!.!. He pushes a corporate goal.!.!.!.
I believe we can, and the world will be a wholey peaceful place to live, for all.!.!.!.
Originally I came here thinking I would hate the video and looking at the like and dislike ratio worsened it. But after watching the video I actually agree with his point. Reading the book will give you false grand illusions of your future and the book is mostly for people who are in specific situations with good discipline. That's why he said to build a foundation first. For example some parts of the book is about how you should treat your friends and allies. But what if you don't have friends, then the tip is useless. Maybe you are too lazy to even try the tips in the book or don't have the confidence. Then the book is useless as well. That's why he recommended the other books at the end. You probably don't have so much life experience to apply them or comprehend them either.
read the book just dont tel anyone about it
it's 48laws of a psycho for me 😭
Who are you working for)) I mean who asked you (sorry, ordered*) to create this video and share it on YT in order to stop ppl reading this book and being aware of what's going on around them? Why are you fighting against awareness? Whatever)
Lol people who read this book are dumb enough to not have the concentration to read The Prince; and after you read the Prince, you wonder do you want to be a dickhead?
This book is perfect if you are hungry for success like me. Plus i could careless about asking a girl out waste of time and money instead use that girl nothing but tool.
I thought this video was really good. I have read all of those books and I think all of them are excellent. Personally, I follow all 48 laws of power with extreme piousness, but I understand why it's not for everybody. The book takes a tremendous amount of commitment and discipline. Some people have morals that interfere with the laws. Not everyone has the mental fortitude required to uphold its principles. I will say though that you will never truly know if the book is for you unless you read it, so my alternative solution is to read the preface, which imo is a great way to tell if it's for you. (it's free online) As stated by Robert Greene, if you want power, read it; if you want to understand power, read it; and if you want to arm yourself against power, read it. Read it knowing full well that the intention which you desire will ask of you a price of equal character in order to succeed. P.S. please pin, I think this comment is helpful (even though I'm over a year late)
Kira reade this boook Probably am sure
It's the psychopath's handbook, anyone using tactics from this book probably needs therapy.
You're a sore loser.
Thanks for the advice bro, I also did feel that 48 laws was too hyped✌️
It's funny I bought the canterbury classics edition of Sun Tzu, art of war. And this book kept getting recommended to me by amazon who believes the fact that I bought marcus aurelius' meditations, book of 5 rings, art of war and prince means that I really like self help books (which I actually despise) But yeah, kinda did start to wonder since it seems like an absurdly popular book. But so were many bad books ("the secret" etc). And now I just looked up the canterbury classics edition of art of war, only for this to be the fourth result or so (from the top 5 results only one seems to be the actual leather bound book) Anyway, was surpised it popped up even here,
doo doo waste of time video.
I read the book when I was in jail in 2011. For some reason it was there and we had to hide it from the CO's...😂😂😂
YouTube really shouldn't have gotten rid of the dislike numbers showing. I thought I was over it But once in a while I stumble on a video like this
The only people who dont appreciate this book, are narcissists and sociopaths. The book is fine, its you homie. lol. youre not the first control freak to be seduced by the words "law of power" on the title and be completely unfulfilled by the end of the book. The book is about how to handle control freaks. not cater to them, lol.
The books the dude recommended are good books to read but without 48 laws of power you will be taken advantage of by so many.
How to win friends and influence people changed my freelancing career
A man sitting in a mediocre home doing YouTube for living is telling ppl not to read The book the change so many lives for the better😂

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