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A History of Coal Mining in Great Britain (Legacy Reprint) Book Reviews from YouTube

Nine centuries of coal : A 1958 National Coal Board (NCB) Documentary On The History Of Coal Mining.
Plan for UK's first deep coal mine in 30 years to be reviewed
History of Coal Mining in India || Important Questions related to history of Mining || WCL MS Exam
भारत में Banned Books कौन-कौन सी हैं जिनको पढ़ना तो दूर देश के अन्दर ला भी नहीं सकते
We doubt that they will tell of the ending of pit ponies that were lame and those too old to work, all pit ponies were put down the same day they retired. The sad ending of the British coal mine pit ponies was debated in the House of Commons in 1951 & 52, it reported the vast number that were put down upon retiring. It was done humanly so they did not suffer, the same sad ending comes to quite a number of other horses & ponies.
Wonderful documentary thank you
20 people in one accident at Brancepeth Colliery and I'm sure that's in the 1800s too. Dangerous work back in the old days. Very safe if done right though.
Found this video while researching medival mining to make a model of a medival mine. Very educational and inspirational.
I remember doing a school project and writing off to the NCB. Had a load of pamphlets back. A lost industry. What gets me is they are banning coal and oil. But pushing electric! Where do people think copper and lithium come from??
For I always find it interesting that mines such as the ones showed here or the ones in other nations. That both Famous ships and Steam Engines would have not came into existence. Ships such as HMS Warspite ,the RMS Titanic USS. Texas to name a few vessels and Steam Engines such as the Flying Scotsman, BigBoy just name a few.
As an occupation, coal mining seems far from appealing. But ex-miners and their families seem to get all misty-eyed when mines close. Renewable energy has more advantages than taking pressure from the environment. When technology improves opportunities open up for the next generation.
Very interesting and informative film. As a fourth generation coal miner, I can relate to this. Conditions when I entered the industry had improved vastly, although dangers still existed, it was nothing compared to what my Dad, Grandad and Great Grandad had to face. God bless all those who lost their lives underground.
Give this a watch at work...nice bit of information!
Wives complained to get out. Sons weren't so lucky. It's a crime how women now claim to be the oppressed one's.
What a story. Now all gone in our life time. Interesting 70's story/comedy worth watching....The price of coal
This takes me back to about 1962 when I saw this on 16mm film while in Junior school. Once a week we used to have these type of educational films on various topics. Must have made a big impression on me, as I have never forgotten it. I was always sure I would see it on You Tube one day
A wonderful history of a lost industry. An ex miner who can recognise the history.
Very informative and great images
My forebears were coal miners, many of who either died in the pits when the roof fell in on them, or from coughing their lungs out, and I swore that I would never go down one of those bloody holes.
So refreshing to see something that isn't ruined by a noisy and offensive electronic soundtrack.
While it’s great to see you’re interested in historical coal mining and the legacy this has left on our landscape, we really need to make sure you’re aware of a few things. Abandoned coal mines have many dangers, some of which are not obvious but can quickly become life threatening. The Coal Authority, as the owner of the majority of coal mine entries in Britain, has a public safety responsibility to prevent accidental and unauthorised access into mine workings, which is also trespass. We provide an emergency response service to fence and treat reported coal mine hazards. This ensures that no one can put themselves or others in danger. We ask that you consider these points and report any open mine entries to us - details of how to do this are available at https://www.gov.uk/report-coal-mine-hazard To discuss this matter further or for us to explain more about the dangers, please call our 24/7 hazard line on 01623 646 333. Many thanks. The Coal Authority
idiots who get a kick from danger and shrug their shoulders if others have to rescue them
Theres coal that rich in some of the ground its 90% pure it burns almost clean
People need job's.
Biggest comment here we are paying to import coal.... all that fuel to transport if here is a joke ! When we can mine our own ! People need to stop Moaning and support mines to be opened up again
We can at least use it to save the heritage railways & mainline railtours once "green" alternatives for steel production can be implemented.
The Greens again , who votes for these idiots
I don’t know why burning coal has such a stigma about it when there is DeSOx and DeNOx technologies. And burning coal for steel to produce renewable energy infrastructure is surely a good thing in the long term.
Where are they going to get the Poles to fill the 500 jobs ?
Hybrit. Zero coal steel. Biochar. Net carbon negative coal. Want jobs? Do that. Don't drag the future down a coal mine with you and steal our chance to defeat climate change.
Canzuk free movement 🇨🇦🇭🇲🇳🇿🇬🇧
This coal mine is a great idea
This proposal for new mine in Cumbria seems to have been hijacked by political radical groups with no clear issue solution. The points for the mine is as follows 500 plus jobs to pay for the pandemic Coke coal used for quality steel production in the UK and recycling of steel scrap is a sustainable green agenda By the same coke from often unregulated locations is a carbon disaster which should not be contemplated and just adds to emissions from ships which currently produce some 9% of world wide emissions The BSC Consulting Group UK are are actively lobbying this government to invest in thermal recovery from this mine and other closed mines to provide smart green electricity. Green lobbyist all acknowledge that climate change can only be acheived by activily owning assets and developing green technology to reduce its footprint. With limited output and carbon offsets this should proceed.
As it is necessary for the UK to import Coal from Anglophone Countries such as the USA and Australia - where the Coal industry is still relatively entrenched, and can provide for our Steel Industry - there is no need to open a new Coal Mine anywhere in the UK. Like others have commented, 'Green Steel' is what we need; and the Coal Industry certainly isn't the only way to create jobs! I'm also concerned with not buying Coal from the repressive PRC.
An independent Wales could be built on coal, but repression from the government in england means we’re constantly under the thumb of a foreign power ANNIBYNIAETH NAWR!
How about building the steal plant ?
Good job these guys. As we all know coal really is the future. there is a reason why the the steel industrie is shifting to hydrogen. That's such a bad investment like even from the money point of view
Don't think the green member understands what coking coal is for.
ha ha ha how dare you.....
aw that old lady was the only person really clued up wasnt she
UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME NOW! Robots are doing all the jobs ...... so people need to be paid to live
Sir maine v liya tha lekin cancel ho gaya or paisa v fas gaya 141 rs nahi mila
Coal me india 2nd largest production krta h
CCL appendix ka pura details me baten sir
Coal coal India mutual transfer ka PDF files chiye plz bhiya
NCL foundation day was 1992, CCL kaha gya....... Thora dekh ek upload kijiye, aapka channel ko bahul log follow karta hai.
India is 2nd largest coal producing country.
In oc mines shelter should not taken within what meter
Wcl accident full details banaiye sir
Exam kab tak ho sakta h wcl ka
Thnq sir for this vedio
Prakash sir
दी लल्लनटॉप का ऐंड्रॉयड ऐप इंस्टॉल करिए और फीडबैक दीजिए: https://thelallantop.app.link/zCSsHooQSU
The naked Mughal by vanshi Sharma!
Tune kaha se padh li fir🤣
Sabhi ban congress ke interest mai hai🤔
Kuch kitabo m sach bhi bataya gaya h par bohot se logo ko ye bitter truth accept nahi
why's polyster prince not named in the list? Is it because it's never been published formally?
आजादी से पहले लिखी गई पुस्तक (किताब) जिस का नाम गुन्हेगार जाती अगर आपके पास उपलब्ध है तो हमें पढ़ाई के चाहीए
सच्चाई सभी के सामने आ जाएगा तो अच्छे अच्छों की गांड फटनी शुरू हो जाएगी
ये किताबो को लेखक शायद अपने पर्सनल एक्सपीरियंस से लिखा गया होगा चुकी भारत के लोगो मे तर्क करने की शक्ति ज्यादा नही है इस कारण से धार्मिक हिंशा न फैले इस कारण से सरकार ने इसको बैन कर दिया है और अन्य देश जैसे:- चीन, जापान आदि तर्कवादी वाला देश ऐसे किताबो को पढ़कर आगे बढ़ रहा है।
Dear Lallantap Channel I want to work in your channel like this video I mean as a spaker.... Wt is the process...plz reply
Agar sach hai. To...? Darna kiun
It's shouldn't be banned.
Government & corporations also don't want us to Read Bhagwatgeeta,Upnishads & vedants
Mai KGF k kitaab k bare mai soch kar aaya tha😂.
Rangila rasul chahiye to( amarswami parkashan bibhag gajiyabad ) delhi se manga le
मनुस्मृति भी पूरी तरह बंद होनी चाइए
There are two things behind the video 1. Books can make a difference in Indian. 2. You are advertising books indirectly because log iss tarah ki chize padhte h jo banned hoti hain 😂
Good work

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