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A First Course in Ordinary Differential Equations Book Reviews from YouTube

ordinary differential equations book ll differential equations book for csir ugc net
Differential Equation Ordinary and Partial : Book Review : Best Book for Differential Equation
Three Good Differential Equations Books for Beginners
Differential Equations - Full Review Course | Online Crash Course
please upgrade your pronunciation
bro i are you bengali from kolkata india ?
Differential equation by M D Raysinghaniya is the best.
Complex analysis er k.c.pal sir er boi er link ta din sir please..
Wbssc ix-x mathematics are jonno kon book nile valo hobe ? Sir please janaben
Sir vector calculus er jonno ghosh maity ba ghosh chakraborty bade kono bhalo basic thake bojano boi bolben.
Thanks for making this kind of information.
Sir Metric space and Topology er jonno valo book review deban .
Multivariate calculus ar Jonno akta valo book suggest korun
Very good
Sir, can you suggest me a good youtube playlist for learning Partial Differential Equations? We have been asked to use the book of Myint and we can't find the solution as well. Kindly give the link of a good youtube playlist for lectures on partial differential equations.
Thank you. I use zill book. This is literally clearly for self learning.
A first Course In Differential Equations by Dennis Zill is awesome, I'm using it in to learn DE and it's just amazing. It's very clear, easy to read, intuitive and if you're doing engeneering such as I am, it's probably one of if not the best.
Thank you, Math Sorcerer! I picked up the third book, with boundary value problems, several years ago. Do you think I would be able to grasp the material in the easiest of the three, given that I've just completed calculus 1? Calculus 2 isn't until the fall semester but I'm self-studying integration right now.
Bcuz we can't pay money plzz
Sr we can't download these books from Google?
Hello sir I am from India and first time watching your videos and I have seen your some videos of differential equations which I really liked..can I get the PDFs of these books from somewhere please reply sir
What do u think about Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems - Penney, Edwards??
I really appreciate your video content. Is it possible to study mathematics at masters level even when i didn't read maths at undergraduate level?
I love differential equation
Heyy Math Sorcerer! Wanting some advice here! What subject should I move to now? I've finished the Howard Anton's Calculus book and also have learned multivariable calculus. Should I be studying differential equations now? I love to self study. So any advice would be great. Thank you.
Do I need to understand matrices, determinants, etc. as a preliminary to studying differential equations?
Andrews book is 900$ dannnnng
Maybe someday give some recommendations for books available for free on PDF. Start with Elementary Differential Equations by Rainville, 6th Edition. (This was text used for my undergrad diffeq course, taught by Sam Selby of CRC Math Tables fame. Great course, good book)
I'm going to self-study this topic after few months , I needed a book to start with alongside with video lectures (I think of going through Professor Leonard's lectures 🙂😆) and I'm confused about what book to read from .. people recommend (Ordinary Differential Equations by Tenebaum & Pollard) and (Elementary Differential Equations by William Boyce) and the book you mentioned by Zill , which one of them do you think will be a good spot to start with ? I'm a little confused about it ☹️
Good video
What do you think of Henry Ricardo's "A modern introduction to differential equations"? I heard it has good reviews with some new topics like slope fields and phase lines.
I have two of these books. The one from Zill and the one from Nagle,Saff and Snider
Would anyone be able to tell me if any of these books is good for deep understanding of differential equations for someone without a maths background? Let me explain what I mean: I am an engineering undergrad student and I want to go into a masters for mathematical modeling in engineering (what in US I think would be called computational mechanics). For this program I would rely heavily in ODEs and PDEs, and having a good understanding of how these equations behave and how to analyze them would be very useful for me. However, I do not have the typical background of a maths undergraduate degree, meaning I have no experience with proofs, discrete mathematics and some other I guess more abstract fields of maths. So I guess what I am asking is: Do I need these more abstract or proof based mathematical basis to have a good understanding of differential equations? Or the basics of linear algebra with some multivariable calculus would suffice? I hope the question makes sense, and thank you in advance for the help.
Topics line up Part 1 - First Order Differential Equations 1) Intro 0:00 https://youtu.be/YHxBaOttKCU a) Verifying solutions 6:04 2) Four fundamental equations 29:26 https://youtu.be/5pPqCsoxCAg 3) Classifying differential equations 33:14 https://youtu.be/FnJvoDC9YLY 4) Basic Integration 47:52 https://youtu.be/RoGAe-RS_9Y a) Table of common integrals 1:02:06 https://youtu.be/deFbVR5uGNk 5) Separation of variable method 1:02:08 https://youtu.be/2PSqkauhzN4 6) Integration factor method 1:12:13 https://youtu.be/ggRo6G7iAzM 7) Direct substitution method 1:29:38 https://youtu.be/1pUYQsOR2bI 8) Homogeneous equation 1:38:40 https://youtu.be/5hUB6HRTAOU 9) Bernoulli's equation 1:49:03 https://youtu.be/3KnDQUY9mKs 10) Exact equation 2:02:29 https://youtu.be/WJJKZHuzq64 11) Almost-exact equation 2:21:13 https://youtu.be/tOdlvZpdako All-In-One review 2:32:20 https://youtu.be/Eqi7mTCmr6M 12) Numerical Methods 2:32:56 https://youtu.be/HWuanyR-5R0 13) Euler's method 2:34:20 14) Runge-Kutta method 2:46:12 15) Directional fields 2:50:54 https://youtu.be/mswRlRmE1CI 16) Existence & Uniqueness Thm 3:00:58 https://youtu.be/Ago6DCYtYoY 17) Autonomous equation 3:08:28 https://youtu.be/PGcb-6JYgkI Part 2 - Second Order Differential Equations 18) 2nd Order Linear Differential Eq. 3:18:09 https://youtu.be/At7wz7P84Y8 a) Linear Independence 3:39:09 b) Form of the General Solution 3:44:14 19) Reduction of Order Method 3:57:25 https://youtu.be/AL3bHEsXcYo a) Reduction of Order formula 4:19:23 20) Constant Coefficient Diff. Eq 4:28:12 https://youtu.be/S24Y5BTZJtw a) Complex Numbers Review 4:28:11 https://youtu.be/oxBI9hQuW48 21) Cauchy-Euler Diff. Equation 4:55:44 https://youtu.be/i09piUdnO9U 22) Higher Order Constant Coefficient Eq 5:15:56 https://youtu.be/-dqVyI6XpHY 23) Non-homogeneous Diff. Eq 5:33:42 24) Undetermined Coefficient Method 5:39:24 https://youtu.be/n1TldVpXp48 25) Variation of Parameters Method 6:14:52 https://youtu.be/8wy4badZXUw a) Formula for VP method 6:33:57 Part 3 - Series, Laplace Transforms & Systems 26) Series Solution Method 6:40:22 https://youtu.be/7unqSjn_knM a) SeeSaw method for series https://youtu.be/_ylM-Fv36lA 27) Laplace transform method 7:22:28 a) Find Laplace transform 7:25:33 https://youtu.be/jLh1nyGcFMk b) Inverse Laplace transform 7:37:9 https://youtu.be/GOle3ZCgNCA c) Cover-Up Method https://youtu.be/NS-KgLwTmok d) Solving Diff. Equations 7:59:47 https://youtu.be/wFzdCtBfKnM e) Convolution method 8:13:30 https://youtu.be/T4pQTGzGFa0 f) Heaviside function 8:28:55 https://youtu.be/l82ScRxQWNI g) Dirac Delta function 8:50:12 https://youtu.be/FgSk_6JeYv0 28) System of equations 9:04:08 a) Elimination method 9:06:44 https://youtu.be/1tCwpNHWX5I b) Laplace transform method 9:22:23 https://youtu.be/1tCwpNHWX5I c) Eigenvectors method 9:32:47 https://youtu.be/xlM3QKBJY6E d) Shortcut method for 2 x 2 https://youtu.be/2rAu-52Lo88 e) Shortcut method for 3 x 3 (repeat) https://youtu.be/HNDrTLuBYjs f) Shortcut method for 3 x 3 https://youtu.be/NjOUAJlR534 List of typos ------------------------------------------------- at 21:28, it should be dy/dt = ky at 22:38, it should be dy/dt = -ky at 4:38:50. The equation has -3 in it, not +3.
I like your "good"at every point
You are great sir
...This excellent Differential Equations on ODEs course has saved me a lot of blood sweat and tears, for which I would like to thank you very much, and last but not least for your unwavering commitment to education in general... Much appreciation and many thanks, Jan-W
Hi is the full 9 hours in English does anybody know? I’ve started many courses before and it turned out is wasn’t all English. Thank you in advance
Does the video include PDEs also sir?
I'm going to have paper by 6 hours time. I don't know why any mf sent us this amazing course like a months ago but chale I'm leaving everything to God by now walaahi
Related videos ---------------------------------- Illegal Math: https://youtu.be/Idd5wmuJuk4 Solving y'=y/x in Seven Ways https://youtu.be/CZNhAe8fNaY Evaluating ∫ sec⁴ θ tan³ θ dθ in eight ways! https://youtu.be/F1yL8fz-ZYw Thank you for watching!
This is so dope, thank you!!!
Do you have the cheat sheat for the final of this course?
Just what I needed Thank you very much ! You definitely deserve a sub!
thank you
Thankyou sir .. U got 1 subscriber🙃🙃😁😁
Solving a differential eqn in 7 ways at https://youtu.be/CZNhAe8fNaY
Illegal Math (Or Common mistakes) https://youtu.be/Idd5wmuJuk4
Thank you.
Horrible timing but I was passing a kidney stone while taking this final, let's just say the kidney stone hurt less than the final.
10 hours is a full course, not a review
hi! I had a question about something that has been confusing me very much.. an example is at 8:32:20 . s + 3 as a numerator got separated into 2 fractions, is it allowed to separate a polynoial like this? Dont we need to use partial fractions?
Please make a video on calculus of several variables

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