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Titan Extreme EDP 50 ml Features

Created for the man of substance who overpowers himself and wins every game, this perfume surely boosts his self-confidence. This perfume comes with rich aromatic compounds like lemon, Madagascar vanilla, sandalwood and basil and leaves those around him spellbound with its exotic scent Oriental Fragrances Rejuvenating your senses, Titan Skinn Extreme EDP is an oriental fragrance that is masculine to the hilt and concocts a scent that is everything that a man looks for. Spicy and Seductive For the man who believes in wooing his lady love with his powerful aura, this spicy and seductive perfume matches his level of determination and zest and is an instant hit with him.

  • Quantity: 50 ml
  • Ideal For: Men
  • Fragrance Classification: Eau de Parfum
  • Fragrance Family: Fresh
  • Key specs are not available.
Titan Extreme EDP 50 ml Colours:
  • Silver

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For a comprehensive understanding of Titan Extreme EDP 50 ml we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
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Titan Extreme EDP 50 ml Specifications

Fragrance Traits
Aromatic Compounds Lemon, Madagascar Vanilla, Sandalwood, Basil
Fragrance Classification Eau de Parfum
Fragrance Family Fresh
Ideal For Men
Quantity 50 ml
Aromatic Compounds Lemon, Madagascar Vanilla, Sandalwood, Basil

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Titan Extreme EDP 50 ml Reviews from YouTube

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Worst perfumes.titandon't buy
I am thinking to buy 2 fragrancesone will definitely be steele but with the other one i am confused between raw and vergewhat do you think
Does it have 96% alcohol?
Kya taste hai bhai tumhara perfumes mematlab paiso ke liye tatti ko bhi nice fragrance bologeworst perfume i’ve ever usedtime to unfollow you
CAUTION:I ve just received Mens Tester Package from RAW SKINN is a nonsense flowery even think of buying like a Cheap Sharp flower scent. Will post after trying the rest of four perfumes.
Fragrance is good but performance doesn't satisfy. Hardly lasts for 3 to 4 hrs here in india
This was my 1st fragrance and I appreciate it even more now after owning a few more costlier fragrancess.
Brother can you please do a review video on titan skinn extreme.
Thank you buddy
Which one i should buy raw or verge?
Which is better titan amalfi blu or nautica voyage?
Got it for ₹2085 and completely love it. Thinking to make it my signature perfume over Terré de Hermeś
I agree. Raw projects 2 hours on my skin. After that it is a skin scent. I smell ambergris as well, which I don't like. Raw is very soft for my nose and I will not buy it again. I liked Verge and Steele. Have not tried other titan perfumes.
I just purchased this titan skinn raw and is August 2019 batch but made in Gujarat?. Im confused i should keep it or return it.
Where you apply it and how many sprays?
Brother is it similar to Fogg Intensio?
Sir what is the best perfume under 2000
Is titan skinn raw better or steele
Great work buddy! Love from Australia
Hindi me batao
My husband liked this perfume. Go for it guys long lasting and fresh perfume.
Which titan skinn is best so far.according to you
Video koo thora sort banayaplz .
Skin deodernt kya sahi hoga
So well described
I love this perfume
Pls tell me more name of marine aquatic ozonic ocean perfumes under 1000
The way you describe, just awesome
Hloo sir plzzz women perfumes k liye bhi koi videos bnao bda confusion h perfumes ko lekr
Nikhil please review middle eastern fragrance house like Dua, Lattafa, Armaf. Would love to see your take on them.
Video by Titan.
Nautica voyage ,titan skin raw konsa better hoga ?
I have this perfume. It really last long
When u did smell the perfume & told its like green grassy mind stuck to Creed GITlater u came there after fumbling around Coolwater.
Hiee can u let me know about zara sliver I'm really planning to buy that for my friend
I tried its sample that AirAsia air hostess distributed when I flew from Delhi to Guwahati. It was very good I like it so much.
Me prfumes sy jaldi bore ho jata hu or yeh wala mujhy kush khas nahi lga
Hello sir i m Mohit Bhansali, nice to watch your every video. Wants one review on Polo Ralph Lauren Blue
The drydown is an exact clone of Chrome Azzaro
I purchased the same travel pack that you have in this video about 3 years ago. Absolutely loved all three then. I recently purchased a new 20 ml Raw. The packaging is changed now in terms of box and bottle. The perfume inside seems different as well. It is more sharp and synthetic smelling now. The difference is very noticeable.
Bolte bahot ho app yar . Bat ieatni hoti ni hai jitni krte ho.
Titan skinn Raw is one of the best perfumes i have.i purchased it from titan's original site
Always raw
Kia ise date k liye use kr skte please tell me
Kia ye date k liye h raw orient
Is Steele closer to Tom Ford noir or terres d Hermès?
Sir I am really disappointed with RAW fragrance. It is absolutely not as I expected and as you presented. The fragrance is purely like synthetic cheap Axe deoderant. I feel like it's a waste of money.
Hi Sir, Good Morning I have a kind request, Please make a video on how to buy perfumes online in discounts, Like including trusted websites or good perfumes at a descent price.
What are your views on the perfume Country Road from Titan Skinn?
There Is Site Name 'SplashFragrance' Do They Sell Authentic Perfumes
Perfumer is alberto morillas
Kya ye perfumes winter k liye sahi hai?
Please do try to take a look at new Escapade collection by Titan Skinn
Steele is mine favourite. Great stuff from Titan.
Sir. How is cigar perfume review please
Verge is not like cool water sir. I have used both. but verge is not a 0copy
I don't know when it was, I guess 3-4 years back when jet airways existed, I was travelling to mumbai and there they gave this amazing sample of Titan perfume I am not able to recall. It had heavenly, niche smell which was left me yearning for more. I wonder if will ever come across that kind of frag
Looking forward for review on Lacoste perfumes my pick would be Lacoste Blue, Lhomme intense
Is their any online site, where I can get testers?
RAW is the best one, i am using it since last 2 years.
Raw Awesome for Summers
Could you please tell which is better RAW or Pristine ?
You missed one fragrance which is skinn Steele My most favorite fragrance from the house of skinn Spicy and vanilla notes aaahh love that
Raw doesn't last long! That's the only problem :)
Cool, raw is alright. But i usually frequent Mediterranean groove, even though it doesn't last long
Your English is quite impressive. Also video is helpful and information
It's really helpful. Thank you
Extreme is available at massive discount 1036 for 100 Ml should i go for it
Great job
Well fair review Raw is best among them.
Have you tried Armaf or Rasasi, if you have which is better to go if the prices are same between Armaf/Rasasi vs Titan perfumes. I can name perfumes if you want from each house to compare or tell me
please try women collection you will like each and every one of them
Love the way you did your eyes! Thanks for the video!
I like the way you tried your best but I must say your very basic method of testing these perfumes is completely wrong. You always apply the perfume on skin which starts picking up the heat from body and then gives you the real cologne. You NEVER test a perfume on a piece of cardboard. Hope it helps. Btw Verge & Raw are my best pics with Verge being the no. 1.
Like number-46 Subscriber number+333
do a perfume compare video you choose the perfumes you want to compare and smell them on your skin
Great review.Thanks Have you tried Steel varient? And if so what do u think of that?
That's I call it as a clean review thankss

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