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Buy Sujata Max RO TDS Mineral Water Purifier online at Shopclues Amazon. Electrical Purifier Sujata Max RO TDS Mineral Water Purifier Colours: White
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AquaDart Mineral Cartridge All type of RO water purifier (08 inch... 2.9. (10). ₹198. ₹599.


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Water Purification with advance technology: RO+UF+UV+Alkaline+B12+TDS Control Purification; Appropriate of any source of water upto 2000 TDS; 18 ltr.


Sujata Max RO TDS Mineral Water Purifier Features

  • Purification by RO + UV + UF with TDS controller
  • Fully automatic
  • Auto switch off/on appropriate of any source of water upto 200 tds
  • 1 Year Warranty Customer Care-810-10-13000, 811-53-12345
  • Electrical Purifier
Sujata Max RO TDS Mineral Water Purifier Colours:
  • White

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Sujata Max RO TDS Mineral Water Purifier Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Sujata
Color White
feature Purification by RO + UV + UF with TDS controllerFully automaticAuto switch off/on appropriate of any source of water upto 200 tds
Manufacturer Sujata Home Appliances
Size L 400,W 250, H 520

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Sujata Max RO TDS Mineral Water Purifier Reviews from YouTube

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The problem with high tds is you are not sure which solids are present, good ones or the bad ones. For all you know, the 150 tds would have harmful lead and other metals from the old pipelines we have in place which is definitely not good for your body. TDS meter doesn't bifurcate good solids or bad solids. Since you get the water from your municipality, there is a high chance water would have travelled through alot of old rusted pipes and then to your house, (don't forget the ones in your society too). The reason for banning RO, by the govt was the water wastage, not because of issue with water quality. I agree that it wastes alot of water and something needs to be done, but blaming the quality of water without any study is wrong. The best water people say is rain water, since you have the TDS meter, I would want to know the TDS of Rain water. People follow you because you do good work. I expect better reasons rather than low TDS. (FYI : Rainwater has TDS less than 10)
I knew it! There is a big conspirancy going behind filters.! Therefore i have not install yet. I will buy TDS meter first before i install.
If TDS 500 and below you can go for UF+UV filter only. No need of RO
Yeah, now ban everything. The only thing they are good at. You can adjust the filtration to the required TDS level. Also all those dead Bacteria , killed by UV gets removed as well. And you don't want pesticides in water which is removed to an extend
i would think we get enough minerals from the food we eat ? i only want to get ride of nitrites. what do you recommend
One of great explained video for ro system.
@t Drink Unitone Ro Alkaline Water with Healthy & Active Life
Agar TDS 224 hai toh UV+UF bhi required hai?
Sir there is actually a nob to control your water tds, but it is inside your ro system, don't know why the technician told u that they cannot adjust it, I think u should call any local technician once and tell him this problem he will definitely adjust it for u. I also deal with RO purifier and I have adjusted tds for many of my customers.
So what is a good alternative to RO water?
Actually RO filter was designed initially for the people who travells on ship becuse those people are having lack of good water .So they can use the RO system
What an idiot?
Totaly bakbas video h 15 mints nuksan kar liya hamne aapna very bad
Your videos are always helpfull for society.Long Live! Long Live!
Thanks! Sir, Doing a GREAT JOB
You are perfect Sir!
Thanks! Sir
I Purchased yourHUL Pureit Eco Water Saver Mineral RO+UV+MF wall mounted/Counter top Black 10L Water PurifierIn August 2020 and right from installation my experiencehas been horrifying.1. The installation was delayed.2. After installationwas completed, the very same day there was a leakage issue as the installation was not done properly.3. Then we had an issue with filtrationrate. For whicha technician was booked.4. Again there was an issueof huge water wastage and noise of the water filter. The technician said PureiT Water filters are very noisyand waste a lot of water and the problemnow remains unsolved.I wonder how such a reputed companylike Unilevercan make such sub-standard products and make false claims like this.
Ro companies fools the consumers
The only youtuber who really spreads knowledge to the audience
Hello Friends! Hope you found this video helpful. A lot of crazy stuff related to this topic will be up on Instagram in the next week. Do follow - it not possible that tds is below 250 but has heavy metals like cadmium, cobalt, lead, mercury etc. Is it still drinkable?.
Thanks a lot.. Could you please suggest a good hair dryer? Different types are available.. ceramic , metallic etc.
Hello Sir,Best water softener par v video bnna doo..plz...
The tds of my tap water is 47 ppm what should I do please help. I live in Mumbai.
Great video, very useful.. many thanks :)
I have a big question.......Why doesn't these Company emphasise on marketing you are recommending us to be good ?If the company is producing quality product why haven't we even heard that name
Non electrical aquasure amrit dx 3000 water purifier ?
Can we drink purified water that is heated through electric kettle
Can you please guide me about MTDS? I am about to purchase water purifier and they recommend RO+UV+MTDS ..
If you listen to this rascal, you can not live in this world. For him everything is bad, bloody idiot.
The link you shared to buy TDS meter is selling minimum three pieces, Do you have other reliable seller from Amazon or Flipkart selling only one piece?
Wow video.
U just provide such a perfect content in around 10 mins... U r actually making indians atmanirbhar... keep up the great work brother
Alkline water is good or not.Sir please give me a Answer
I need to say fit tuber that you did a pretty good job in researching about water purifiers but not enough research, as someone who studies and researches about the water, the information you have given is not enough and almost misleading to buy the best water purifier in the marketSide note: If someone out there is really interested in buying a best water purifier or the technology they should get, tell me by replying below I will help you out either by answering your questions or I will make a video on it (if you guys are interested in a video)
My RO can water TDS is 23 which has increased by keeping water in caly pot over night to 250 around . is it ok to have claypot water by purchasing can water from outside ?
Thanks a ton u r a life saver
auric drink is giving only 10% discount instead of 25% after applying the code ft25.
ap product use kar r ho.apko achaa pata hoga..
main pakka order kar lu na main isko..apke review par
Worst after sales service. Never buy this product.
Hi, is it better than 'hul pureit ' because it is in my house and my grandma told me to buy another one for another floor , what is your suggestion (hul pureit :21, 000rs)
Tell me please the sediment pre filter size and best pre sediment filter name
actual main kitna storage ata hai..maim ismain plz replay
Hello, I got this purifier installed today. The installation engineer told me that once tank is full then you can switch off the filter. But I doubt on his advice. Do we need to put off or need to keep on always?
Please bata dijiyega ki sound karta h ki nahi
Ye sound karta h kya
Installation charge and annual maintenance ki cost please
Can this be placed on table instead of hanging on wall?
Pre filter lagana padta hai?
Can I adjust TDS manually? And will technician check TDS of water before installation?
Madam is this product is good to buy now, and kindly add one more video for the same product showing review after you used it.
I planned to purchase this mam. Is it reliable mam as you are using it for more than 10 months
How much time it takes to fill a one litre bottle?
Annual maintenance cost of GKK and Sediment filter after 1 year?Plz give details
Mam kindly tell the service and maintenance cost and do you feel bthe build quality is decent enough at this price range ?
Mam they open for installation
After RO+UV+ MF+ MP ..filtration can we get any mineral or not
I am also specialist Ro lab TECHNICIAN....nice information sir.... 100 to 300 Tds is good and pH is 6.8 to 8 is good .but 7.2 pH is best
Too good sir. Very informative video.
How many tds's water want to agriculture plants
Good information, sir.
Aapne bahut ache se explain kiya thank u
Good knowledgable
pani ma Mineral ka check kra
bahut hi badhia sir ji, thanks for your healthiest information.
U maad
Pehli bar kisi ne sahi bat kri h
Very nice information sir.
we have bore in house and the tds is 532. We are just using simple filter. Pre filter , sediment and carbon chamber in filter. is it safe to drink this water with 532 tds
Nice knowledge
Thanks a lot for such a good explanation....
Dadi ke baal safedAkhon me chasmaKamm baalAur gyan pelna...... Zaroori hai
Sir g mera water tds 370 hEska matlab mai kya samjhu?
Sir,I am citizen of Bhilai cg, drinking water supplied by Bhilai Steel Plant has TDs 74.Sir what should I add something to make it 350, if it can be done what substance should be mixed
Kya 22tds k pani theek h
Thanks u so much for this important information
Thanks a lot to u... I know a very Important fact about tds

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