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Buy Power Ace PSH 001 On the Ear Headphones - Blue | Black online at Flipkart Amazon. On-the-ear Headphone Power Ace PSH 001 On the Ear Headphones - Blue | Black Colours: Blue Black
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Buy Power ace Stereo Headphone PSH 001 Online at Low Prices in ...

Features Enjoy excellent Audio Experience & Style with Powerace Stereo Headphones.Over The Head & Ear Design. Ideal for Gaming & PC use.


Power Ace Over Ear Wired With Mic Headphones/Earphones - Buy ...

21-Oct-2016 ... Ratings & Reviews · 3.3/5. 6 Ratings & 1 Review · 100%. Based on 1 Recommendation. Would you like to recommend this item? Yes No · Have you used ...


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Speaker Connectivity, ‎Wireless ; Headphones Form Factor, ‎In Ear ; Voltage, ‎1 Volts ; Power Source, ‎Battery ; Battery Average Life, ‎32 Hours.


Power Ace PSH 001 On the Ear Headphones - Blue | Black Features

  • Audio Sound (Mono / Stereo) : Stereo
  • Ear Hook : Adjustable
  • Connector : Jack 3.5 mm
  • Speaker frequency responses : 20-20000 Hz
  • Speaker impedances : 32 Ohm
  • On-the-ear Headphone
Power Ace PSH 001 On the Ear Headphones - Blue | Black Colours:
  • Blue
  • Black

The lowest Power Ace PSH 001 On the Ear Headphones - Blue | Black Price in India is ₹246 at Flipkart.
Buy Power Ace PSH 001 On the Ear Headphones - Blue | Black online at Flipkart Amazon.
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Power Ace PSH 001 On the Ear Headphones - Blue | Black Specifications

Additional Features
Flatwire No
Foldable/Collapsible Yes
Sweat Proof No
Bluetooth No
Cord Type 1.2 m
Headphone Jack 3.5
Brand Power Ace
Color Black
Compatible Devices Audio Player, Gaming Console, Tablet, Television, Mobile, Computer
Designed For Smartphone, Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Computer
Headphone Type In the Ear
Headset Design Over the Head
In Sales Package Headphone
Inline Remote Yes
Model Id PSH 001
Model Name UBONN for K6 Power
Sales Package Headphone
Wired/Wireless Wired
Performance Features
Deep Bass Yes
Frequency Response 20000 Hz
Impedance 32 ohm (Power On)
Noise Cancellation Yes
Noise Reduction 20
Product Details
Controls In-Line Mic
Deep Bass Yes
Designed For Lenovo K6 Power
Sweat Proof Yes

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Power Ace PSH 001 On the Ear Headphones - Blue | Black Reviews from YouTube

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Klipsch's R6i in-ear headphones: Ace of bass
Damn, bruh. You hitting these dope reviews like its nothing.
I see VU meters, I'm sold.
I can see the flipping design. Will they work without power when plugged in to audio source? That's kinda important (esp with 8 hour battery life)...
Hello, what about for a DJ in the action zone (disco, club)?
When I listen to pretty much any Hip hop song, the bass makes a crackling sound that is impossible to get rid of at any volume and makes the song impossible to listen to. I spent hours toying with the EQ and got no satisfying results. Maybe 10% of the songs got better. Any ideas?
the mic on these are horrible.
those swipe transitions are so annoying.
I have those. Broke down after few months of light use. No response from the company. Do not buy!
Great review, you didn't mention one of the coolest features...the app. You can download the app and actually change the EQ of the headphones to tune then to what you're listening to.
They look nice, i wonder about these.
40mm drivers is not a feature, it's the industry standard.
Just wow? Nice build, but the sound is awful. Can barely use those headphones without EQ. Can barely hear the bassline in many songs because the bass is too much. Great if you like electronic music though, probably.
Man, you got me buying these .. Just ordered .. Great review.. Thanks
please make a review of EDIFIER W830BT its 69 dollar only with 95 hours battery life please please please please
Can you use a cable with then instead of wireless? I have a few vintage stereos.
It says they’re sold out but bring more in June 2018 do they have stock or they on hiatus.
Headband just needs to be bent to your comfort. The band is made of high quality steel so bend away. Amazing review.
Love my OV-1s
Have you try them on a DAC?? I'm interested in the wire version because I have an external amp.
Gamesky could you compare the overall volume to some other headphones so I have a idea of how loud they get? great review on these beautiful headphones, I'm sold!
I watched this video noise headphone
Can you please suggest me a value for money over the ear, wireless, headphones? Requirements: budget upto 6000, 5000, 4000, 3000, 2000, comfortable, best for travel, nice Build quality for rough use, awesome sound quality, can wait for sale for good deals.
Ye master and mix ke lie sahi rahega???
Klikk Rock on 101 wireless headphone
Bhai what about latency while connect with a TV ?
it is over ear or on ear
Affiliate marketing?
Buddy I need headphones only for calling purpose can you pls recommend me
nice video
Why dont your put phones mic between the headphones ears and record the real sound ...
Bro radio chla ke dhikhao
Bro adcom luminosa ki unboxing krdo please 🙏🙏
well explained
Sir ye pubg ke liye thik hai kya
I brought this headphones for 1099 rs only
Sir iska price iss vakt 1400 hai to iss price mei ye headphones kharidu ya koi aur??? Plz reply sir!!
Try this http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575378759&campid=5338273189&customid=&icep_item=233758308019&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg&toolid=11111
I got the 29.99 ones and they last 12 hours! I love them. I wish the ‘next song’ feature was a little more like my power beats 3
Do a review on te nuraphone or NEW nuraloops already
i have the mpow over-ear ones lol
Mpow over ears are amazing very durable and comfortable and they are able to control your music or podcast just from side buttons which are easy to click but not easy enough to misclick
Hey can you try out neurophones their type of headphone
Bring this back plsssssssss
video quality is off the charts! IMO a lot of the reviews are bots.
Marques DO prime picks for TWSs
You should continue this series ..
Can you review the Soundcor q30 noise cancellation earphones
Marques: So what have we learned here today? Marques: You guys are some broke as $hit MF's
Get KZs. They the best cheap brand
the panasonics can survive anything
well I am using, MPOW Flame and these are the best for me ... plus Infinix quite 02 are the most underrated with noise cancelling.. and even cheaper than Mpow Flame..
"they come in the box with your phone" 🥲
Love how the rating says, "No mature content."
Intro songs are great for like almost every video
Apples EarPods usually last more than 2 years so when u get a new phone you’ll get new EarPods. That until 2020
I got the mpow 059 and they are good but I'm changing
10:08 Mkbhd doing injustice to kids
I have a pair. Not sure I agree with him about the treble. I bought a refurbished pair from Klipsch directly for $18 on eBay. Very worth it!
Techno, haha. Gotta love old people.
They break very fast and usually sound distorted
I love these!!
I bought these and as a mainly metal listener they weren't that great... But you can mess around with your equalizer to make it sound better still.
These are shit. I hate earphones but gave them a chance. Took care of them never turned them loud and they crapped on me 8 months later.
Bullshit! Burn those bastards in and then review em.
im returning my klipsch x7 today cus they have no bass.my 25 dollar skull candy have served me well the past three years.
okey I hope some one else reads this and finds it helpful. Honestly Klipsch has not reall yimproved that much with their headphones. BUT since their s4s, they sound real good and I love their bass. However, ever since they changes it to flat cables, they have lower durability so your headpphones will not work in a few monts. mine only worked for 2 months then boom gone. I was pretty sad about it and if you want something from klipsch, get their wireless instead. not the new r6 wireless, but the old image one wireless. although it uses an old bluetooth 2.0, it delivers good quality sound and it also has a detachable cable which you can replace as well as use once the battery drains out over a few months of usage
are these better than the sony mdr-xb50
i have this one. bought in Moscow for 60 $. I will try to be objective. In my opnion - 7/10. Not bad Low freq, good Mid freq and good High frequencies. For this money it's IMPRESSIVE! I even can recommend them (in certain cases) for monitoring, when there is no speakers or your Senheiser HD 650
This review is bullshit! The treble on these is awesome! They are great in every way.
lol dont buy these. the high frequencies kind of take over most of the sound and theres hardly any bass. the apple earpods in my opinion sound crispier and actually have bass compared to these.
Best for bass is only about $7 on amazon. Its the iluv city lights !!! If anyone listens to the bose iem's you'll know what kind of bass I'm talking about.
got urBeats n this week received Klipsch r6i and also s4i (1gen) so between all 3 ear-headphones i like urBeats . they sound def loudest n noticeably deeper between these 3 . its just maybe my preference, ive read lots of great reviews how deep n bassy new r6i are , hopefully after burn-in some say (25+ hrs) they sound better i will see , i really doubt it they will sound better than beats . nit sure if i will keep klipsch or sell them on ebay .
don't listen to him... this pair is soo good i don't even use my headphones anymore (beats lol)
Everyone saying for bass go with Xtreme Xplosives. I will have to disagree because I had a pair for 1 year until upgrading to these R6i's and the Klipsch blow the JVCs out of the water. I mean but you would expect that when comparing a $20 dollar set of ear buds (JVC) to a $80 dollar set of ear buds (Klipsch). But as far as sound goes the sound is so much clearer on the R6i than the XX. On the JVC XX the sound is just artificial and really sounds like a tin can with boosted novelty bass. Not to mention the build quality is a joke. My advicr is to just save up for the Klipsch R6 IEMs because in the long run your saving yourself money and your also treating yourself to an amazing set of ear buds.
It's $169 in Singapore
How do these compare to the Beat tour 2.0?
One of the worst headphones ever bought not taking about sound here. I am taking about the cable noise which is unbearable. You certainly can't wear them for long hours unless you do not move your head. Even slightest movement of cable creates noise which can be felt while listening. whats the point of putting so much money when its not comfortable listening from it. A 10$ headphone is better than this one for pleasant listening.  

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