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Brand:Black Cat
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Buy Black Cat 7300 10W Rechargeble Torch online at Flipkart. Torch Black Cat 7300 10W Rechargeble Torch Colours: Black
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Black Cat 7300 10W Rechargeble Torch Features

  • Torch
Black Cat 7300 10W Rechargeble Torch Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Black Cat 7300 10W Rechargeble Torch Price in India is ₹1,899 at Flipkart.
Buy Black Cat 7300 10W Rechargeble Torch online at Flipkart.
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Black Cat 7300 10W Rechargeble Torch Specifications

Brand Black Cat
Bulb Type LED
Color Multicolor
Model Number Rechargeble Torch SolarSupport Function -7300
Power Consumption 10
Power Requirement 110 - 240 V (50-60Hz)
Rechargeable Yes
In the Box
Number of Torches 1

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Black Cat 7300 10W Rechargeble Torch Reviews from YouTube

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FTdx10 vs IC-7300 Comparison
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*Do you have any idea how many lumens your 100W light puts out? (Asking as I watch now, maybe you answer in video.) Also, what battery or batteries are used in the 100W?*
Looks like this is the brightest flashlight in the market now
In Chennai where we can buy and price with categories pl?
plz contact me sir im nedded only brite light this is my number 00971507558130
this is best light
sir im nedded 2 britelite pess plz contact me whats up 00971507558130
Sir Dubai me kaha milegi aur india me kaha par milegi
Only promotion
2500 km flash light mumbai se delhi saf dikhai padegi
Iski price kya h
Kitna time charge korna porta hai
M. A H. .
Battery backup bahut km hota h Iska
iball ka light kasise he bro
availble hogi
Abe chutiya price to bata
Hi Jonathan I know maybe you guys cant disclose the Mars mode for the ftdx10 but I want to do it on my radio if u can help me with that info I really appreciate it thanks and great videos
Outstanding video. 73
Is the ftdx10 that much better in your opinion to justify the cost.
The waterfall on the FTDX10 is not fixed. Just touch below the top and it will shrink each time you tap it.
Jonathan, the height of the waterfall can be set in three different size and the vfo knob torque could be regulated. Nice work, but read deep the manual before doing a presentation. Moreover, during the CW comparison the FTdx-10 was not correctly centered on the signal causing bad audio compared to the 7300 (look at the video, you will notice the CW Tune meter bouncing).
The Yaesu is almost 5 years newer and $700.00 more than the 7300. Shouldn't it be better than the 7300? PS Sold my 7300 after owning it 1 month. Yaesu's classic FT-1000D replaced it for same price and is a forever keeper.
Went ahead and ordered the ftdx10. Got it in thursday. Really impressive. I will say that the DNR, unlike the 991, seems to result in a much less natural RX voice. I didnt have this issue with the 991. I can only speculate that the DSP system design is contributing to that. With that said, its ability to completely REMOVE incoming frequency and band noise is spectacular. Yes, you compromise some natural voice tone, but that is better than not hearing the RX signal.Okay...the 3-D nonsense is a bit gimmicky, but Im certainly not the first to bring that up. However, I just dont use it. The rig offers the standard waterfall, expanded view, complete control of the band width you wish to monitor, as well as a multi mode that includes an oscilloscope. Also a lot of adjustment to the speed of the waterfall, the intensity of the received signal display, many color options etc etc.I have found that they did a good job of making the most used functions quickly and easily accessible. Im sure there will be some that will not like the menu setting sub-menu, but that is very much a personal preference.So is it worth $1700? Guess that is up to the buyer and user. The 7300 is an amazing rig for $1000.....the 991a is the most versatile rig, which may be very good for those that have limited space or possibilities even a newer HAM that doesnt yet know what segments of the hobby will most interest them....and the dx10 seems to offer many options that are predominantly seen on much more expensive rigs. The size of the screen, the fact that it connects directly to a monitor and mouse instead of through a computer, the extended adjustments within the carious menus ans perimeters.So where am I today? Im keeping the 991 for now, and it is in use in my shack. The dx10 is an extremely good fit for how I use an HF radio, and the additional cost was worth it for me as nothing else on the market had similar offerings under anywhere near that price range. Most were $3000 plus.
The 7300 is very easy to remote using RCForbe Remote Hams freeware. Can you use the FTDX10 in a similiar fashion, outputting audio and rig control via the USB connector?
Merci j'attends la livraison de mon futur FTDX-10, bloqu en UK cause du Brexit :-)Ce que je n'aime deja pas sur le FTDX-10 est la prise Micro en RJ45 . Je me demande comment je vais pouvoir raccorder un MD-100 dessus73's and best regards
Really interested in this ftdx10. Have the 991 now, and the step up to the 10 is a huge upgrade. Its good to be a ham operator with all ofour options
Incorrect on being able to vary the size of the waterfall on the yaesu. You have three sizes.
Thanks for the great video. I see the Icom is made in Japan, where is the Yaesu made?
Not a fair comparison given the FTDX-10 runs about 70% more, clearly not in the same price bracket. The beauty of the IC-7300 is that it compares well to radios costing considerably more, as seen here.
Very bias presentation in favor of the Icom IC-7300. I am disappointed with this Presentation. You should redo it!
I'm an icom guy but I do have to admit the filtering in this ftdx10 completely destroys the 7300 matter of fact it might even destroy the 7610 and I'm not kidding. There's some videos on YouTube showing how quiet you can make the front end on that radio and it's unbelievable, I can't even believe it. Plus you can even connect the monitor in the back of this one which is very convenient if you like to have a monitor hooked up.
Are they both SDR radios?
The audio on hf is better on the icom 7300. They are both decent radios but I will always go with icom.
I prefer FTDX10 because EXT Display is usable.
Yaesu & ICOM are my two favorite brands for Radios. Being very tempted about getting the FTdx10 but price is a big issue for me. The ICOM is more affordable but seems like more bells & whistles in the Yaesu.
Very , very informative and very well presented and and no screaming music drowning out what you are saying. I think you have convinced me that its time to trade in my IC-7700 and get some space back on my desk.Thank you very
Nice walk through, I hope to get my new 7300 on the air for FD 2020.
shame you couldnt go quicker ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
What make and model of power supply do you recommend for the 7300?
Great radio but wish as an option : Remove the waterfall replaced with a larger spectrum display.
Merci beaucoups, Pascal! Not only was this the best description of the 7300's features that I've seen so far, but your accent had me feeling very nostalgic, too! As a boy, I spent many Summers chez ma tante et mon oncle a Ste. Hyacinthe! This was before it turned into a 'big city.' Sadly, my French has suffered since I have nobody to speak with anymore, but I still try...and it still brings a smile to my face. I just passed my (US) General exam, and hope to be picking up a 7300 very soon. 73 de KC1MGW
As expecting my own to arrive, after been away from the hobby for quite some years, this video is really appreciated with such an awesome info. BIG thank you Pascal.
Excellent video :)
how do you like using the desktop mic with the 7300? Im considering getting the sm 30 or 50
A really great review, fast paced and pretty much everything covered. I dont often subscribe to channels but yours really seems a gem, thank you. Subscribed!
Best 73 2E0BJL
Thanks for the thorough review. Looking forward to getting my own 7300.
Pascal, another great video, little bit rushed especially towards the end, there is a lot to learn on this radio. I have it as my number one set for all hf and digital hf and use it with Ham Radio Deluxe, wsjt-x and js-8 and it allows me full CAT control. Great unit.
Excellent review. Unlike so many, you go over the important stuff first. Thanks.
One of the best radios I have owned. It was a good choice when I was upgrading from my old Icom IC-735, no comparison performance wise and I really liked the 735 it was a great radio in its day and still held its own.
I have been considering a new HF radio and I must agree with the comment below that this was a thorough review. I felt kind of breathless at the end as Pascal zoomed through the features of the radio. I think I will have to see this video a few more times before I feel caught up with him. Very good. Thank you Pascal.
Thanks. Installing my 7300 antenna this morning, can't wait to use it. Thanks Again
7300 FAILS BADLY in high rf noise urban environments. it just completely and hopelessly chokes on the noise.
Pascal, thanks so much for this excellent video! It's a wonderful radio, and this is the best review I've seen of it. I also appreciate the high-res of the video, as it makes it much easier to see what's happening as you tap items on the touch screen. My only complaint is that now you've made me want this radio! :-) 73 de k1rsk
thank you sir for your great videos

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