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Buy Bayer contour plus Glucometer(Black) online at Flipkart. Minimum Blood Sample: 0.5 mg/dl 5 Lancets 25 Strips
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Bayer contour plus Glucometer(Black) Features

  • Minimum Blood Sample: 0.5 mg/dl
  • 5 Lancets
  • 25 Strips

Find the best deal on Bayer contour plus Glucometer(Black) at Flipkart, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Bayer contour plus Glucometer(Black) Price in India is ₹831 at Flipkart.
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Bayer contour plus Glucometer(Black) Specifications

Color Black
Minimum Blood Sample Needed 0.5 mg/dl
Model Name contour plus
Model Number plus
Number of Lancets 5 Lancets
Number of Strips 25 Strips
Sales Package Glucometer, 5 lancets, 25 Strips, 1 lancing device
Covered in Warranty life time warranty
Not Covered in Warranty strips
Warranty Service Type NA
Warranty Summary life time

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All I want is to set the meter Please help. Date and time. Have had for years
Where buy test strips myanmar
Iski chip kaha milegi plz btao
Şimdi bunu türkler anlatsaydı 8 saat 42 dakika sürerdi, thanx
Grbs showing +60 means plz
I have changed it today because strips rate is too high but this meter is good.
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I did not diagnose diabetes with a glucose monitor reading lying bastards .
A very big appreciation to Dr. IGUDIA on YouTube for helping me get rid of my five years old type 2 Diabetes disease with his natural herbs medication. may God continue to bless your good work sir.
The day I came across Dr IGUDIA YouTube channel was the day I started living a more comfortable life again after using his herbs medication in curing my Diabetes disease
I never believe in herbs medication but all that came to an end after using Dr IGUDIA on YouTube herbs medication in curing my Type 2 Diabetes
I have a supply of lancets n strips so i would like to keep to the same model.
I am using a contour TS packed up this morning and refused to give me a reading.i changed the battery but no help.
I am using Abbott's FreeStyle Libre with Ambrosia's blucon and can get my glucose readings on my apple watch even without the phone. I can share readings with upto 5 people in almost real-time. Can get alarms and my loved one can also get an alarm if my glucose is out of range.
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Best device to monitor and keep your diabetes in control. Good review.
Sir bayer contour plus vs contour plus e we which is different kisi pe bayer ka logo hota hi or kisi pe nhi please reply sir
I help grandma I check diabetes using this tool, the result is 17.9 after eating and I wait 3 hours 17.9 high is normal please answer bro
LOL you have no idea how to pack that bag properly
where to buy test strips only
Single needle how many time using
Very nice video
Detailed Review and good purchase. Thanks .
Good review.
Good review . Thanks a lot Anirban once again . May God bless you son .
Helpful review. Moreover, price is very lower on Healthklin as compare to other sites. Thanks for the review.
Very helpful tips. Thanks to him for making this video .
Cool gadget.
*Note * The Glucometer doesn't have a rechargeable battery, the battery needs to be replaced manually when drained, the batteries required are two CR2032
Contour plus versus Contour plus one which is more accurate and how much does anyone knows it? Pls share
Is it must to download the app fr testing. If yes y the fk it is mandatory which I guess to sell our data
This needs two falt batteries that are good in capacity. The port is just fr sync not fr charging.
Wow great sir very scientific and very formative instead of talking about all the nonsense like size and color like other youtubers do
did anyone get the test solution in the box? i dint in the manual its mentioned to first calibrate device with this solution and also some YT vids are showing how to use it, on amazon this solution with 1yr expiry is 5K, is it really needed and what is the use?
btw regarding cleaning the site of pricking should we clean with soap and water or buy some swab sachets or something else? just curious what everyone is doing?
if using for one person only, how many times to use the same needle? is the needle available easily ?
This is not Bayer Contour Plus One, this product belongs to Ascensia Diabetes Care, product brand name is Contour Plus One. But, it was a good video on the product demonstration.
Iam using Contour Plus one for about a year. The sugar readings are very close to lab tests readings and reliable.
Nice video, I put on my Freestyle Libre 14days glucose sensor with NightRider! It's so good because 1) It shows if your sugars are trending up or down. 2) Give alarms if you go too low or too high. It is an amazing tool.
I purchased it. There is a micro USB port but a USB cable is not provided by the company in the box. It is a charging port or only a data transfer port that is also not clarified in the user guide
Very clear explanation, please give the suggestion which one is best accuracy from Dr.Morepen or one touch plus or contour plus one?
The USB charging is not working, it's not rechargeable.
Nice video, I bought Ambrosia Nightrider cgm to monitor glucose which works great with my Libre sensor, their alarm feature is very helpful during night, it gives alerts when readings are not in range.
If USB port isn't for charging, and for data transfer, do you know which app can be used to transfer data ?
Cv value
Nice video, for monitoring my glucose values I use Nightrider CGM with Libre sensor. I am able to get alarms for out of range readings, share readings with my endo and caregivers. It's the best method of tracking exercise, diet, and other activities on one platform.
I can not register for warranty for this product
Apni ki Bangla bojen
How to charge this
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Quiero un tutorial donde me diga paso a paso como iniciar mi glucometro,por favor,,gracias
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I am use one touch ultra 2 I trie use your instruments send
Your videos are very helpful
Can you please make your next video on how to change it?
Can you use Contour Plus tests with this?
I feel like an idiot with my question but, does it have option to change the reference value reading to conventional like from mmol/L to mg/dL Thanks.
My machine is contour xt.I didn't use it since 2017 to ask do I have to calibrate it?and if yes I couldn't find solution for this only there is for contour next one.

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