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BLT Alpha Boxing Gloves (Medium) Features

  • Ideal For Boxing,Kick Boxing
  • High Quality Material
  • Velcro Wrist Wrap
  • Value For Money
  • Best In Class
  • Gloves

The lowest BLT Alpha Boxing Gloves (Medium) Price in India is ₹495 at Amazon.
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BLT Alpha Boxing Gloves (Medium) Specifications

Technical Details
Brand BLT
feature Ideal For Boxing,Kick BoxingHigh Quality MaterialVelcro Wrist WrapValue For MoneyBest In Class
Manufacturer BLT

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BLT Alpha Boxing Gloves (Medium) Reviews from YouTube

Elion Paris The Elegant Boxing Gloves REVIEW- ONE OF THE BEST GLOVES I’VE TRIED!
10 Best Boxing Gloves 2019
Can you review the other elion paris gloves they do, maybe the vintage brown looking one looks fire
Hi carlo iv seen in a lot of your vids you're using rival punch bags, wondered what you think of them?
Hi can you make a video of you using the century bob plz and tell is if it's worth buying plz??
i really want to get the venum bangkok spirit gloves because of the design the white red and blue i cant find any other venum gloves like that are they any good? cant find any reviews anywhere
Can you do a review on the ringside bullet gloves?
Hey Carlo , any thought on their heavy bag mitts type gloves ?
Would you ever consider reviewing some Leone boxing gloves? They are an Italian brand and I was curious about them.
Creepy head!
I don’t know, I just can’t get behind the design. The eyebrow logo, 80s couch color stripe and the holes on the wrist, just looks tacky to me. But to each their own.
Are these better than the Superlace or Superlace X Fly gloves?
Can you please do a review of boxraw’s knuckle guards ?🙏🏼🙏🏼
top 10 fight gloves 2020?
Make a video on how to make or buy the punching face !!! Love the videos
How well/long do you think these gloves will age/hold up?
Can you do a review of the pfg sports headgear?
Anyone reason why my middle knuckle hurts so bad? I've tried different gloves (Venum Impact, Venum Elite, Hayabusa H5) and always wrap, but my damn knuckle hurts even with the lightest punches. Also I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but my heavy bag doesn't make a crack noise at all. It's more blunt sounding.
Hi Carlo great review! For the price the glove is surprising. Hopefully, these would not be their last stock. Btw, Waiting for your top 10 list of the past 2020.
sick review maybe review more of their gloves
Hey Carlo! I am in a bit of a mess as I'm trying to figure out what lace up boxing gloves I should buy for hitting the heavy bag and mitt work between the $80 - $150 range, what gloves would you recommend?
all the gloves you get are nice man
I just want you to know your auto generated subtitles say "hello and welcome to pizza box channel" 😂
Do you like these more than rs1
do you recommend to follow the Rival sizing chart for bag gloves o are Rival Gloves a little bit more smaller (taking in consideration if you're going to use your hand wraps)?
I’m a amateur boxer, and I use rival for everything. They’re such a top notch company they have quality equipment. After watching this review I’m definitely getting these gloves!!
Can you use this for sparing fly bag gloves?
My favourite gloves, I own a pair of Winning MS600 and yet I prefer the Rival RS100.
I weight 143 lbs (65kg) , do you prefer 14oz or 16oz ? I want to use both on heavy bag and also for sparring with NG2 knuckle guards. Thanks
Are these better than Adidas adispeed
Does Anthony Joshua trains with 18 ounces?
Is the rival rs100 made of leather?
Would you pick this or winning for sparring. Thank you for the quality reviews.
Do these weight true 16oz? Thanks
Im glad more people have been using Rival gear now days. I first started using Rival back in 2010 when no one really paid attention to them. I still have Rival gloves from 2010 that the exterior materials are still in good shape but the cushioning has been worn through is the only thing.
I shall be buying these💯🥊 thanks !
I really love how Rival gloves grip feel. Can you suggest other brand that provide the same feel or even better? i have fairtex and boxeo and they have thinner grip compared to Rival, i don't like them.
I've destroyed all my leather rival gloves but all of synthetic rivals look brand new and some are near 2 years old.
Compared to the Fly Super lace x, which would you prefer?
I have rival rb11 and the inner lining is made of cotton. It does not wick away sweat as quick as my fairtex. Fairtex have nylon inner lining.
Would these glove be good for Muay thai? I want to be able to open my palms, clinching, catching shots etc. Thanks..
What’s better these or rival rfx guerrero gloves
AJ actually uses these gloves pretty often in training, especially in recent times (watch that footage where he tears up an extrenly heavy bag practicing the left hook) . I always wonder why cause an athlete like him has unlimited access to the best boxing equipment out there. Probably they feel very comfortable to him and he likes that. Doesnt always have to be the most expensive stuff even for a pro like him🤷
AJ sells cheaper gloves than what he uses because he wants to influence people Into boxing. Not many people can afford to spend around £250 on a pair of gloves like he does.
AJ mostly uses rival gloves that cost around £250 a pair.
I'm a aj fanboy I'm buying these gloves 💯
Was AJ wearing Rival Gloves in his fight with Pulev but just scratched out the logos? Or did he actually wear these even though they are not fight certified?
he profit would not been as high if had better gloves
they not hand made they not craft it out souce
Canelo gloves?
I got a pair of farabi for my son 6 oz and lemar. The imf on the farabi is amazing.
Stfu are you the hwcof
Money he's got and he's chargin £60 for a pair a Gloves?!
I have to say that this was a really great review. It was quite rustic in the sense that you did not bother with any on screen annotations or animations, but I somehow really appreciate that! You were really thorough in your comments to make sure there is no ambiguity in the message you are trying to convey. The description what honest and all around fair! Great review!
Venum all day everyday quality for years
Venum also great brand the hammer is the goat
Would these be okay for sparring?
I got them and they ain't actually that bad
you should review the title classic lace up glove
They look like display gloves
Disappointing to be honest
He’s a dick head for that

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