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Apollo 11: An AP Special Anniversary Edition Book Reviews from YouTube

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Apollo 11 reviewed by Mark Kermode
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Amazing video!
I hope my AD still has it by the end of this year as im saving for one.On the website it shows its still available at SGD$14,100Anyway as usual you have the BEST WATCH REVIEW video on youtube. Unbeatable quality and content and im a huge fan!
Great watch and Great review!
Your review of this masterpiece is just perfect :)
I like how the underside of the hands arent polished, makes it looks like a gold lunar surface when it reflects
Truly enjoyed your channel, cinematic no doubt. The review is so comprehensive... that I'm having 2nd thought between the Zenith Chronomaster Sport vs. this 50th Ann. Speedmaster. The ironic part, the decision making was much harder after watching both reviews in your channel. LOL. Rooting for your channel gaining 30k subs soon... love the B roll of you wearing the watches, truly give a good perspective on actual representation on the wrist.
It doesn't get the credit it deserves
One of the watches I'd like to add to my small collection eventually. Will try to find one with lesser flaws.
This guy truly shows exactly what I bought. For me: finish finish finish.....is true craftmanship. Clean lines and attention to detail. Even on the most plain watches, I appreciate smooth surfaces and sharp edges of the various components that make up a work of art. Omega fell short on this one. I wish I saw this video before I made my purchase. Great job Hafiz!!!
You should've said "Was actually the first watch worn by the second person to step on the lunar surface." First person was Neil Armstrong to step on the lunar surface.
This specific Speedmaster is the only Omega that I have the desire to buy. Great video and great narrative
Really nice watch! What happened to bezel?
Wau , super nice video , nice music ! :)
Love the closeups.
Superb review. Please do another with the new 321 Ed White speedmaster
Binge watching ur videos, love objective opinions
The quality of this video is out of this world. Really enjoyed Hafiz...
Thank you for uploading. I had the opportunity to see a rocket launch in 2018. Unbelievable experience. I uploaded a pretty cool montage of the journey to my channel.
Fantastic videography and watch
Such a cool watch
I really enjoyed this
My electronic music in the form of fiction depicting this journey from man to the moon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YqQfnuNh8c&ab_channel=LutraTramus
The only thing I found to criticize in this film was the landing sequence. They should have run the entire 16mm film. They cut it down to about 3 minutes and I noticed right away. film
Seen it twice, and it's fantastic.The second time was when I discovered a local IMAX theatre had a screening; I dropped everything I was doing and went to it. The soundscape of this movie is incredible, the music and the actual sounds of the footage mix together perfectly. The buildup to the rocket launching is breathtakingly suspensful; even with the knowledge of a happy ending, one can't help but feel anxious and awed at the stakes!
There's only one way to truly know what it felt like; and that's to do it. I'll keep you informed.
Amazing documentary - when the ignition start sequence begins at T-8 and you see the Saturn V rocket light up accompanied by that slow heartbeat - it gave me goosebumps.
Such a brilliant documentary that deserves to be seen on the biggest screen, period!! Hopefully, what we've seen in this will silence the conspiracy nuts quite significantly. Admittedly, I was a little suspicious of the moon landing myself but this doco truly had me convinced. Utterly extraordinary coverage!! :)
Soooo First Man was a masturbatory, naval-gazing, steaming pile of shiz? Yes, I agree. Apollo 11 is a song of triumph, of human achievement, and yes, Americans conceiving and achieving our dreams, not a bunch of SJW pap. I remember someone asked Ryan Gossling if it bothered him that the American flag is not seen in the movie and he skirted the issue with some wishy-washy crap about humanity which is basically code for this belongs to everyone globalist garbage. Saw Apollo 11 and it soars, not like First Man snore fest.
Dont you just love fiction?
Those astronauts had such big balls it's a wonder that the Saturn 5 rocket could get them off the ground!
They weren't afraid to die when they were doing those acrobatics on the Moon surface. They trusted the tailors soooo much. Interesting.
'go for lunch' - did I hear that right?
The 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 s moon landing. We'll probably hear the gigantic collective 'brain fart' of the conspiracy silly duffers this Friday 19th as they're 'hit squarely between the eyes' by reality !
Had a massive panic attack watcthing this ...
Shamefully, on the 50th anniversary of one of mankind's greatest achievements this film does not appear to be getting a general release.I was about to comment that there were no scheduled showings anywhere west of Bristol but just found out there is a one night only showing in Plymouth. Tickets booked
Check out the series Tom Hanks produced "From the Earth to the Moon". Incredible.
Well said
And you're showing us this glorious 70mm HD footage in crappy 480p because ... ?
I was really looking forward to First Man, having read about how incredible a feat man going to the moon in the 60s was. It is probably one of THE most incredible feats we have achieved as mankind. Yet the film decided to mainly focus on Neil Armstrongs internal journey. It is a shame that a film hasn't been made focusing on the actual journey of the space flight and how it was achieved even back in the pre-digital analogue age of the 60s. Its crazy that a film hasn't been made about it.
Thanks for uploading. I had the opportunity to view a rocket launch in 2018. Unbelievable experience. I uploaded a pretty cool montage of the journey to my page.
still waiting for my order to arrive, thank you for the video
I enjoy your video
It's a product that I also have, and I studied a lot after watching the video. Thank you.
love itI want one .
Hey could you tell me what display cases youre using? Great videos!
Just ordered mine. The detailing is impressive. It makes the Dragon Models 1/6 scale Apollo astronauts look like toys - but then the price difference reflects that.
NASA space
I think DID Corporation former name is Dragon Action Figure. Still remember Dragon produce the same figure of Buzz Aldrin last 15 years.
Hi AdminI saw the Discovery or Atlantis spacecraft in the showcase. I want to know what website or URL I can order. Can you tell me? I'm trying to buy.
So cool.
Would love to John Glenn in the Mercury flight suit as well as Yuri Gagarin (and Laika of course). You know you want to DID Corp!
great figure. i was born the year the they landed on the moon, 1969. at 51 years old i feel its more then just a number lol. great review on this amazing figure.
Awesome! So glad i got the 3 pack.
Me: man I want one really badly!The 300 dollar price: Im gonna stop you right there
And the little sticker labels, where do they go? on the back of the PLSS?
I really love your channel! It is inspiring and exciting!!! Cant wait for my Michael Collins!
Great review. Thank you for your support.
Who made the Apollo 13 model? looks awesome

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