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Adata SU800 256GB Internal Solid State Drive (ASU800NS38-256GT-C) Features

ADATA Ultimate SU800 M.2 2280 3D NAND SSD Utilizing 3D NAND Flash and a high speed SMI controller, the compact Ultimate SU800 M.2 2280 solid state drive provides capacities up to 1TB and greatly enhances performance, efficiency, and reliability over traditional 2D NAND. It also comes with intelligent SLC Caching and a DRAM Cache Buffer to boost read/write performance. Featuring LDPC ECC and technologies such as high TBW (total bytes written) and DEVSLP (Device Sleep),the SU800 M.2 2280 instantly upgrades notebook and desktop PCs with superior stability, durability, and power efficiency.

  • Type: SSD
  • Interface: SATA
  • Form Factor: M.2
  • Capacity: 256 GB
  • Laptop
Adata SU800 256GB Internal Solid State Drive (ASU800NS38-256GT-C)

The lowest Adata SU800 256GB Internal Solid State Drive (ASU800NS38-256GT-C) Price in India is ₹10,999 at Flipkart.
Buy Adata SU800 256GB Internal Solid State Drive (ASU800NS38-256GT-C) online at Flipkart.
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Adata SU800 256GB Internal Solid State Drive (ASU800NS38-256GT-C) Reviews from YouTube

ADATA SU800 SSD - Review and Test
ADATA SU800 SSD Review
ADATA SU800 SSD Review & Speed Test | Boost Laptop Speed with SSD
ADATA SSD SU800 256GB Speed Tests
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Seems like a good game drive for those larger games that you don't really like clogging up your good drive. Sure its not the fastest thing ever but if you are going to kill your drive with GTA5 or the new Doom games, you didn't kill a $100+ SSD. Was thinking of getting one for RDR2 and the Doom games
It might be a bit older, but I just got one for only 40£. And it's 512GB model in almost brand new condition, so it was a hard one to skip. I'm upgrading a very slow HDD in my laptop, so it should be a very good upgrade.
is this still working up to now??? I want to know its durabiliy.
adata su800 or kingston a400 and wd green which is better?
Samsung 860 evo 250GB or ADATA SU800 ? The price difference is around $5 ( Samsung one costlier )
Crucial MX500 or this one?
Does it have a dram cache ?
Adata ultimate Su800 1tb vs Samsung 870Qvo 1tb for game , what i should buy?? And btw why Adata tbw more big (800 tbw) and Samsung just (360 tbw)
Did this model get updated? Since I read at the links in description it said SLC not TLC compare to the one that you review.
Hey I just bought a new Adata SU800 SSD and in Adata SSD toolbox and Crystal Disk info it shows 0.24Tb (240gb) already written onto it. I ran CDM once and the TBW went up by 50gb to 0.29Tb. Is this normal?
I have a 512GB version of this ssd and was wondering should I buy one more 1TB of it cuz i eed storage space. Or should i go for something else ? I get that its a nice budget ssd but honestly the one i have atm i boots up things pretty fast so is it worth getting a samsung one or something like that ?
Is this still competent in 2020
Just bought this is it good?
How do you open it?
Hi, i was reading the review of this product, and they say if this SSD runs hot. Is that true with your experience using this SSD?
Still using the Su800 128gb in 2020 for both linux and windows O.S. its worked so well, thinking of same brand again for their XPG m.2 next time. If your into firmware updates, get it before you format this SSD.
absolutely amazing review of this drive and software. CHEERS MATE and thanks for the share
Howmuch the dram cache??
SU800 or MX500 ???
I heard that an old laptop like mine only supports up to 550mb/s even if you use an NVMe caddy or blazing fast SATA. Is that true?
Boa noite, há possibilidade de você enviar esse ssd para o Brasil ? 55 11 96372 01 10 whats -
Does it has dram
Its crazy I bought this adata su800 256gb now at only 30$ in xmas sale this is the cheapest dram cache ssd Ive ever seen
IS TLS or SLC ?? because i see a label on this product cover that said SLC Caching
SSD ADATA SU800 TBW 128GB => 100 TBW 256GB => 200 TBW 512GB => 400 TBW 1TB => 800 TBW 2TB => 1600 TBW Source:
Nice video. Just bought 6 of these off ebay for $103 each. Upgrading all my custom pc's to 1tb ssd's and 1tb storage drives.
My problem with many of these reviews is that one piece of important information is missing: Endurance (in TBW). How long will it last in heavy writing circumstances?
How long will it take to download Gta V?
my nvme ssd 512gb toshiba died on me or idk wth happened to it but i js bought this. Should i cancel the order because im worried this isn't going to last long.
Am planning to get a cheap ssd is this the right choice?
OMG this is the worst review ever. not comprehensive. I can barely understand him due to the idiotic techno music playing in the background. Dude!! Grow-up and do a real review
its been two years, how is the health of this SSD ??
Have you ever upgrade this ssd firmware with os or data on it? I have this ssd but a bit afraid to update the firmware, since there is a warning for firm update that it will cause data loss. Thanks
How long can it last?and as compared to other ssds how fast it is?
Only one thing to say..... Why the frak did you include an NVMe into the chart? Makes no flipping sense. Not even remotely in the same league as SATA III and not even a comparison. So dumb to even try and compare the two completely different storage types. It's like trying to compare an old Ford Focus to a brand new Lamborghini Performante. Seriously. Waste of time to put that in there. Otherwise though, I appreciated the initial comparison and testing to other similarly priced and competing products.
1:30 Review Start
If you selling ADATA it's a good deal. If you are buying expect failure within days or couple of months, it happened to me. Also read the user reviews.
Stay away from all Adata products! They are a “you get what you pay for” brand. Just spend the extra money and get a Crucial or Samsung Evo. Trust me!
Mine died after 1 year, don't buy this crap. I have a Kingston for 3 years and still alive.
Mx500 or su800
which is better Samsung 860 Evo 1tb m.2 SSD 2280 and crucial mx500 1tb m.2 SSD 2280
Try with crystal disk mark bro
Crucial MX800 or this one?
Is it still functioning?
looking at this SSD today to put inside of an old 2009 MacBook. How did it hold up over time?
Hi! Would this improve anything using it for a play station or xbox? thank you for sharing and great video.
what software was used give me the link ?
Youre sitting too far from the mic? Volume low
is this long term reliable?
Is it ok to upgrade MacBook pro 2012 internal hard drive with adata su800?
Hi, is it still works?
Hello Roberto Jorge, I'm in the market to buying a new SSD. Do speeds vary depending on the size of the SSD hard drive? I'm thinking of buying a 2 TB ADATA. I'm enjoying your videos and thank you in advance!
ssd counter:over 9000
I give you my humble technical opinion; ADATA is lousy, I bought a SU800 Ultimate 256GB for my notebook and when exactly 06 months passed, the S.O. crushed! I perform a hard reset. Never again started and I did everything ... ADATA NEVER MORE! I've been with my new Kingstone UV400 240GB for a year now and work like a champ!
Hey I am planning on getting this sad for my 15in MacBook pro (mid 2010). I am total noob to upgrading my MacBook. Can I use this ssd in my MacBook?
kingston v300 and su800, which one to choose for building a new desktop? currently i am using a adata sx900 on my laptop, pretty good, and kingston v300 actually has the same controller sf2281 with the sx900, but i heard the new tlc nano technology will be the trend,so any advice?
There are reputable brands such as kingston; samsung and sandisk... If You compare that brand with those ones which are reputable is it worth to pay more to upgrade pentium core to due laptop... as far as i know old laptop can reach 130 rpm wrting speed per second at should i buy more popular brand than Adata? is it sensitve? or wasting money
How this compare to SP550 and Samsung 850 for average user?
Hi Roberto, do you use a USB 3.0 connector?
@Roberto which tool is this that u r using for testing the speeds?
Should never use USB to test SSD. Potocal are different.
good one ... especially with enclosure ...

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