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Buy 3nh Green 16 inch : AK88 of carbon fiber Bicycle fork 16/20 inch disc online at Amazon.
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The lowest 3nh Green 16 inch : AK88 of carbon fiber Bicycle fork 16/20 inch disc Price in India is ₹9,692 at Amazon.
Buy 3nh Green 16 inch : AK88 of carbon fiber Bicycle fork 16/20 inch disc online at Amazon.
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3nh Green 16 inch : AK88 of carbon fiber Bicycle fork 16/20 inch disc Reviews from YouTube

MINI VELO bike Java Carbon CL sepeda balap mini VANSH Review
16inch 9kg Fnhon Zephyr Aluminium Frame Folding Bike
A carbon fiber Brompton Clone (first look)
3 Great Mountain Bikes for Kids!
Om..adaptor rem mt200 bag depan belakang pake model gmn yaa? Beli dmn?
Keep making videos. I’m loving your vlog and reviews. I been intrigued by the Brompton for some time, even though I have a few bikes already, including a Dahon Jetstream. Currently waiting for my Black Edition C Line Explore. Thanks a lot, lol.
Hope you get to test a Tline they better send some to chuck
What about the vello bikes? They're a knockoff of Brompton and velo.
Natural to have more flex than steel, but I can't see how this is ever good. Makes a huge difference to how you get to speed and stay there. No thanks!
Why does he have cigarettes in his ears?.
Do we really want to see your face and not a bike?
I don’t like the bike from the moment it should be kicked to be folded
Won't be long before that rear stand dealio would be all scratched and mangled to hell.
I owned an early Italian carbon frame many years ago, with alu brackets. It was light but it felt like a slightly trained "jellyfish"!
The carbon triangle frame is strong because of its shape. The carbon folder has basically one tube frame to take all the stress. I don't think this will last.
Your videos are AWESOME!
it's ashamed the Brompton didn't go further to use carbon as a material.
You made some good points, to think about, especially replacing parts, I’ll stick with Brompton 👍
Great video - it's really interesting to see these things, but you totally nailed my feeling at the end. Until it's got a track record like Brompton for robustness, durability and availability of parts, I wouldn't buy one.
And you have to be under 200 lbs--maybe 150lbs is the limit. I can see it crack apart under upper limit stains. Love your unbiased honesty and thoughtful thinking. Thank you!
Looks good, like it belongs in this century unlike the old fashioned Brompton.
This is the problem this clone faces, at least in the EU—Brompton's design copyright. https://www.maucherjenkins.com/news/brompton-bike-case-cjeu-copyright-design
just 0.45kg lighter? i'd rather stick to my titanium brompton thanks
I had to stop watching.
Sniffing is annoying.
do Americans really spend $500 for a kids bike? I feel so cheap now because I just bought my kid a $150 that looks like the ones in the review.... lol. nice review, it convinced me that I was too cheap.
The GT stomper I don’t really like because I like riding mountain bikes with suspensions because it is safer and I can do jumps on it
Show some mountain bike good for age 12 to 15
I bought my son that norco and the bike is a lemon. Plastic bash guard broke in the first week. The chain is super loose with crazy chain slap chipping the paint off all over the place and perpetual falls off. I had the crankset replaced and a chainguard added. Still fell off. Fortunately the shop I bought it from refunded me on return. Replaced with an Orbea Laufey. Now that is a kids bike worth owning.
You should review the spartan galaxy mountain bike
great review. I to am looking for my son he's 5 and the walmart clunker gotta GO. 🙌
Norco looks awesome. Thinking of buying a 16-inch Prevelo Zulu 2 for my 4-year-old. It is tough forking out $500 for a toddler’s bike only to grow out of it in two years.
Please can I buy it
You're kid is a champ! I'm looking for a bike for my 7 year old. These look like good options.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KK2trRWFfw&t=23s Best 16 inch kids Bike
I got my little one the GT stomper too. He loves it and the only problem was the brake pads rubbing the tire, you have to get it exactly right. Other than that he’s a terror on the trails 👍🏻
Eagle BMX bike park!
The vid is asem
You know there is even better mtb for kids like the full suspension one my gosh some lucky kids these days
How much was it
I am 10 and I ride a adult mountain bike I am from india that's why
can you do a review on the Cleary meerkat 24?
Would a 24 inch Walmart bike for 200$ be good, or should I look at one showcased in this video?

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