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21st Century Maritime Silk Road: Construction of Remote Islands and Reefs (Springer Oceanography) Book Reviews from YouTube

India, China, and the Maritime Silk Road: More Than Just a Trade Route | Indian Ocean History
China's Maritime Silk Road | The New Silk Road | CNA Insider
Maritime Silk Road: past and present
Tales from the Silk Road of the Sea Ep.1: Rediscovering the Route
Liking the video before watching cuz I know it's gonna be lit
Yavana/Yona/Lonia are officially Lavana/Lona/Lonia,who are known as ancient salt merchant of india in hinduism as well as in sikhism,they have found all over the world,egypt has 30% of Lavana population in there,there is some place in ciaro called Darb-Al-Labana ,Even egypt capital is Tanta/Tanda , ciaro.Tanda is lavanki language word which is used for Trader caravans.and one more thing these all lavana are habitat in india on ancient sea trade routes and ancient silk/salt routes as well.
Sea way is belongs to tamils, china on land, tamils on sea. Until 15th century
1:45 Not even ancient China can resist our spices and textilesI always wondered why local fishing nets in India were known as 'cheena vala' which means Chinese Nets but now it makes a lot of sense...Even Chinese kingdoms try to meddle into Indian politics several times and we did too vice versa
Good narrative video but missing a lot of information concerning the Funan (Ancient Khmer) maritime port and its roles in bridging the trade exchange between China and India.
As a Filipino, I can attest to Indian influences being the next cultural strata on top of our indigenous base. From governance, words, food, writing, to religious concepts, Indian cultural elements are the oldest import that has stayed. An important channel for this cultural transmission was the Malay Peninsula and the islands of Indonesia.The Supreme God of the Tagalog people is Bathala, from "Bhattara Guru", while we have words like "budh" (conscience), "dukh" (poor), "sampalataya" (faith, belief), "mahl" (dear, costly, expensive, highest), "puto" (a rice cake from the word "puttu"), "Tal" (star, also a Tagalog and Kapampangan star goddess), "diwata" (deity, from "devata"), "raja" (king or chief), "gadya" (elephant), "laks" (myriad/10,000, from "lakh"), and "basa" (read, from "vac", meaning speech). The Ramayana also has several versions here, its most famous expression being the Singkl dance of the Islamised Maranaw people.It's a very fascinating origin of many things we often take for granted or easily miss. From there, we absorbed Chinese and Arab influences, before the Spaniards arrived in 1521 to begin our long period of colonisation by western nations.
preindustrial era, indian culture is quite a powerhouse. we will converge with the preindustrial era balance of power with china, india as major powers, europe disunited and middle east in neverending wars. us
you missed its cultural & technology export to middle east and europe. like wootz steel, Indian numeral system...
I'm not sure if the influence is as far as Japan, but I found some similarities between my state (Karnataka) language (Kannada) with Japanese.(Kannada) (Japanese)Kara/Karaide = Kara = SpicyIru = Iru = to stayMatte = Mata = AgainYaaru = Daare = WhoAme = Kame = TortoiseBekku = Neko = Catnai = inu = dogkari = kuro = blackilla = inai = not thereTinu = Taberu = eatiga = ima = nowKarnataka also has Yakshagana which is similar to Japanese Kabuki.
So is China the main country making the most money?
Before 1100 AD India economy 32% of the world and the Chinese 34%
I belong from Odisha in India, there is a festival we celebrate called Bali Yatra which means "Travel to Bali". There were regular Naval Voyages from Kalinga ( now Odisha) to Bali in Indonesia.
China very small
... until western pirates bring the monopoly games...
Nalanda just like overseas Sriwijaya university..Peace..
Hindu Brahmins were not allowed to travel by sea. By land, yes. Sea would be other lower castes.
Thanks so much for this great video on the maritime silk route! Loved it!!
This channel is really misleading to please some people. Most info about Chinese history are totally wrong or biased.
Wow what a well researched video. Most Indians are unaware of this history.
Wtf how china is smaller than india?
Let's talk about worker's rights in the USA and how they manage their health system? Ops, not interested for your system, right?
Stop hypocrisy and double standards..Stop portraying all that China or any other nation does as bad for environment bla bla bla..They have more shared good than the American/ zionist/ Anglo broad daylight theft and Robery.. Don't belive me..Just follow the blood diomond trade.. Check the petro dollar story.. And the world trade organization... They all stink of environmental and human atrocities..Is anyone making a point of thatI want chains to succeed in this plan.. Also for India Russia and Korea to come up with their contributions to the world.
I hope China will rise again so that we can get rid of the imperialistic US Regime.
ASEAN trade route or Magellan trade route is the best route ever...from ASEAN philippines to India to middle east to europe to america and back again to mainland asia...this route ASEAN route or magellan route makes ASEAN rich superpower no 1 country in the world back 1521 to 5211 years...so ASEAN still rich from years 1521 up to years 5211...thanks Ferdinand Magellan for discovering this important trade route makes ASEAN richest country in the world...
China's One Belt One Road initiative is as much about the ability to move troops as it is to move goods. The French lent money to the Russians to build railroads to speed mobilization in case of war with Germany. The Nazis built the Autobahn to move troops across Germany. The Chinese are investing in infrastructure in specific countries in order to facilitate the movement of troops and equipment into the Middle East and Europe because they understand that in the event of war with the West, a land based war that plays to the size of their army is their best strategy.
Indians were already here
Pilgrims swore there was a route from the Ohio River to China and he searched and searched but couldn't find it
You are missing the definitive research laid out in the two books "The Chinese Origin of the Age of Discovery" and "The Hunt for the Dragon". Both can be found on Amazon.com
When will someone start building the underwater high speed train?
Why didn't they show the evidence? Bamboo from Jamestown certainly can be photographed. I never heard of Bamboo in Jamestown nor Chinese porcelain. This gray-haired guy appears to be an idiot.
Oh dear! The Chinese has just opened yet another Pandoras Jar.
Very fascinating story!!! These young Chinese generations should be well aware of their rich background & tradition or culture......!!!The Silk Road primarily refers to the routes which connects East Asia-&-Southern Europe. The Silk Road is the most important & productive & worthwhile Trade in Silk for Chinese to secure its trade products & protect its Trade route during the Han Dynasty!Marco Polo is another story........Hope therell be an expertises would talk about the story of Marco Polo during his travelled through Asia along the Silk Road...............................!!!
Chinese maritime explorers in the past never seek to expand China's colonization or to exploit locals. The only thing Admiral Zheng He took from Africa were a pair of giraffes.. by exchanging it with Chinese silk at Mombasa in present day Kenya.
This is a very interesting documentary. A good way to understand and appreciate the past is also to collaborate with scholars in the countries along the maritime silk road, like the Malays, Indonesians, Thai etc.
That scene where Capt Zhai Mo received assistance from the Chinese Navy was epic
the Chinese flag just brings goosebumps!!!!!!!!! love you China....
: - Darius the Greats Suez Inscriptions: Birth Certificate of the Silk Roads(Seidenstrasse Texte pek yolu metinleri - Silkroad texts)https://silkroadtexts.wordpress.com/2020/06/28/example-post-3/
Imagine all us on the silk rd ! Nowadays the sea seems off limits. But bck then you could explore the world with no boarders
The world belongs to China through ancient times!
Thats the greatest route I have ever heard of.
The series are informative but I would like the sound to be a bit higher, at times you can barely hear the narrator.
Thank You. I listen to every word. CGTN does such a great job.
You Chinese people sailed to the Indian Ocean while we Indians never ventured beyond our shores. We Indians are scared of sea monsters in ancient times you see. Still do to this day!
Admiral Zheng He of the Ming Dynasty sailed all the way to the coast of Zanzibar in present day Tanzania, Africa 100 years before Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama sailed pass Cape of Good Hope and discovered a passage to Asia. China was once the greatest maritime power
China went in America 70 years before Colombo .

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